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Synapse - Fearless Interaction

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I'm trying to decide if I should buy some synapse units to cover my Carnifexes. With a high leadership, fearlessness, and a high toughness, synapse is not terribly important for these guys. In fact, the only possible situation I can see synapse coming up is with movement.

As I understand it, if the Carnifex is not within synapse range and I wished to move, I would need to make a leadership test. I will then test against my leadership, since fearless only helps on morale tests. If I pass, hooray for me. If I fail, then the Carnifex stays put. Normally it would need to fall back, but since it is fearless it doesn't have to.

This would be the correct reading, yes? Just wanted to get a confirmation.
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That's how I read it. Both of my carni's are BS/VC so they very rarely ever move. So I NEVER worry about them in synapse because as long as they never move they never need to make the check. If it weren't a monstrous creature it would get a +1 cover save for lurking, so being out of synapse actually helps non-monstrous sit-and-shoot models.
I see it as no big deal. Let just assume I mean assume that fex is not fearless. And it fail its leadership test. It would still move most likely forward (see codex for synapase creatures) and it can still fire (see falling back units). So who cares on fexs(if your fex is gun fex)
The only time you really need to worry about it is for capturing objectives, since a shooty Carnifex rarely moves anyways. If a unit is outside of Synapse range, it must either choose to Lurk or make the Leadership test. Most people simply choose "Lurk" for their Carnifex, and since it doesn't confer any benefits or detriments, nobody really mentions it.

However, you can't capture a table quarter with a lurking model - so in the last turn, if you want to capture an objective or something, you must elect to take that Leadership test. That's usually not a problem, considering the high Leadership value, however....
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