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well i have a game coming up tommorow and i am facing my black templar friend whom i havent faced since we both started MEQ armies. He puts everything in a transport, rhinos, LRC and all. He usually fields a LRC with a tooled out command squad with marshall and/or chaplin, he might deepstrike his 10 termies with his new terminator chaplin, not sure at this point, he also usually fields a predator annihilator and he mite feild a rhino for his EC and some bolter marines, he also fields about 10-20 assault squad members.O and he might field his grey knight termies, he obviously cant feild all of this in a 1000 or 1500 point game but this is the models i know he owns and will most likely be using most of. And he usually takes the hit on +3 vow so he kicks teh **** out of me in assault pretty much.

Now these are the models i own

about 100 boyz, 20 of them are 'Ard boyz. 3 rokkit toting boyz, 6 big shoota toting boyz, 2 burna toting boyz, one Big Mek with KFF, meks tools and 3 grot oderlies. two mega armor nobz and 2 regular nobz

3 Warrtruks with armor plates and red paint job
2 Battlewagons one with 3 big shootas, one with three rokkits and 5 big shootas (taken as heavy support choice)

I also might be constructing a deth kopta mek with a burna. I obviously need more tank busting and am most likely gonna lose but do you guys have any advice!?
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