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[Tale of Painters] sovietspace's Dark Angels

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sovietspace's Dark Angels Project

Hello there LO!

This thread started as a log of my entry for the 08/09 Tale of Painters Project. Since completing the project I've continued the thread on as my army heads towards 3000pts. I'll be keeping this front page updated with the progress of the army list - mostly for my own satisfaction! If I get time I'll link all the units to their relevant posting, it should help anybody browsing through :)

Dark Angels - 3000pts Apocalypse Army List

Interrogator Chaplain
Power Armour Chaplain

Forgeworld Ven. Dread

5 Deathwing (including Apothecary, Standard Bearer & Flamer)
5 Deathwing (including Cyclone ML)
5 Deathwing (including Assault Cannon)
Tactical Squad 1 w/ Rhino
Tactical Squad 2 w/ Rhino

Fast Attack
6 Ravenwing Bikers & 1 Attack Bike
1 Landspeeder

Heavy Support
Armoured Spearhead:
Land Raider Crusader
Land Raider (Normal)
Land Raider Ares

Total: 3000pts

Progress Key
Black = Yet to Buy
Red = Building Work in Progress/Boxed
Orange = Painting Work in Progress
Green = Finished

Thanks for reading guys!

++++ Original First Post Below++++

Hello all,

In the spirit of ToP I decided to make this WIP thread to track my progress, and as a sister to my small 40k blog: The Astronomican.

As the title suggests I'm planning on doing a Dark Angels army, as part of a larger 1500pts Army List I've been planning for a while. It's taken me about 3 months do do my first Deathwing squad (that I'm not entering to ToP), so hopefully this will give me a bit of motivation to get the rest of the army done quicker!

Here's what I'm planning on painting over the course of the project:

Belial with Lightning Claws - 130pts

Interrogator Chaplain with Terminator Armour - 145pts

5 Deathwing (including a Terminator Apothecary & Cyclone Missile Launcher) - 265pts

Tactical Squad (5 Man; Sergeant with Power Weapon) - 105pts

Fast Attack
6 Ravenwing Bikers & 1 Attack Bike - 290pts

1 Landspeeder - 65pts

Total: 1000pts

Progress Key
Black = Yet to Buy
Red = Building Work in Progress
Orange = Painting Work in Progress
Green = Finished

With only 19 models I'm hoping this shouldn't be too hard, even for me...

Anyway, this is a painting forum and where would we be without pictures?

First off here are a few pics of the Deathwing squad mentioned earlier. This is NOT being entered, but will give you an idea of what to expect.

So yeah, any comments on them greatly received - I'm working on how to do the banner and they will be getting a layer of highlights eventually, I just really wanted to start on my first months entry!

That entry will be the 10 man Tactical Marine Squad, coming in at 205pts. Here's my test model:

I'm pretty pleased at how this came out, and hopefully I should have my first entry ready by the 15th! Let me know what you all think and good luck to everybody else!
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Well, from seeing these pictures i guess you have some kind of experience with proffesional photography, the models look solid too!
Still looking good buddy, i can't really offer any advice apart from "keep it up"!

Gonna look a stunner on the field!
1 - 2 of 129 Posts
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