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[Tale of Painters] sovietspace's Epic and 40K Praetorian Guard madness

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Well, its time for a new project and so time for a new thread...

After making it through to the end of the last Tale of Painters with my Dark Angels army, I jumped at the chance to have another go.

Originally I saw the new ToP as a great chance to redo my very old Praetorian Guard models, and fashion them into a good looking army. For those who don't know, the Praetorian Guard were a limited edition GW release in 1995, and are basically Imperial Guardsman sculpted to look like British readcoats, ala the film Zulu. I've had most of these models for years, so they are painted rather badly, as you can see in the pics below. I planned to strip the lot of them and start from scratch, painting them up using some of the tricks I have learnt whilst painting my Dark Angels force.

Well that was all well and good, until a friend and I started playing Epic. And dear god I'm hooked. I cannot recommend the game enough to anybody who is interested in it. However, the new problem was, I really wanted to paint my growing epic IG force instead of their 40K cousins.

What to do, what to do...

Ah dammit, I'll just do both.

To see both armies through to the end I realise I'll need a miracle. Specifically a short chamber Boxer-Henry point-four-five caliber miracle. And a bayonet. With some guts behind it*.

I'll see what I can rustle up...

Being the sort of person who likes army lists, I have written one up for each of the armies, and they will form my target for the ToP. They will both probably change, but I just like having a plan!

So, without further ado, here is what you can look forward to:


Epic Imperial Guard - 4000pts Army List

IG Companies
Mechanised Regimental HQ + Hydra & 3 Demolishers
Infantry Company + Fire Support Platoon
Tank Company + Hydra
Super Heavy Tank Company (Shadowswords)

IG Support Companies
Storm Trooper Platoon & Valkyries
1 Baneblade
1 Baneblade

Titan Legions
2 Warhound Titans
2 Thunderbolt Fighters

Total: 4000pts

Progress Key
Black = Yet to Buy
Red = Building Work in Progress/Boxed/Un-stripped/Built
Orange = Painting in Progress
Green = Finished


40k Imperial Guard - 2000pts Army List

Company Command Squad (Standard, Medic, Officer of the Fleet & Master of the Ordnance)

7 Ratlings
Sly Marbo

Infantry Platoon 1
Cmd Squad (Standard, Commissar)
Squad 1 (Commissar)
Squad 2
Squad 3
Squad 4
Squad 5

Veteran Squad

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Squadron (Leman Russ 1 & Leman Russ 2)
Ordnance Battery (Medusa 1 & Medusa 2)
Marauder Destroyer

Total: 2000pts

Progress Key
Black = Yet to Buy
Red = Building Work in Progress/Boxed/Un-stripped/Built
Orange = Painting Work in Progress
Green = Finished


Right then, so thats the plan. Expect the first few test models up soon, and wish me luck.

For the Emperor and the glory of Praetoria!

* For the un-initiated this is a classic 'Zulu' quote. I command you to find that film and watch it!
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That a very cool plan and yeah 425 points is a heck of a lot :). Looking forward to some pictures of that model.

Cheers CJ
Awesome stuff Mate! seems like you are all ready wellon your way for the second Tale of Painters :). The PRetorians are looking very sexy! and the small guys are cool aswell.

Keep it up mate looks like you are going to pown this ToP again!

Cheers CJ
1 - 3 of 55 Posts
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