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Tale of x gamers

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Hi im thinking of starting up a tale of... How would I go about it ect.
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First of I count you have seen the article in WD... (if you haven't, please do)
I think you should decide about money at the beginning;
1. will the people have a steady income? or will they have too save up for a while to do this?
2. CAN you get sponsers from somewere? Maybe you can get a discount in a non-GW shop, if you keep mentioning his place.
3. How many money will it be each month?

Next of I would find someone to do it with;
1. Do you have friends who is willing to do this? (It is importent that you are SURE that they are going to follow through)
2. Games... think about how oft you will play games?
3. Level of skill; It's perfect if you can find someone of different skill levels. That makes the article even more injoyable. AND will give you a wider audience!
4. Again I will mention how much it means that your writers will follow through on this!

After that you should set it up:
1. Make sure you have the money (and everybody else), You might be able to all put your money in the bank, with a MAX limit on how much you can withdraw pr month. (just to make sure).
2. Find a way of publishing. A link in LO when you start would be great. But you need to find a web page that will host you; either free or a commercial one..., is a free website hoster AND editor... no need for ANY skill at HTML or the like...
3. Where will you play games?
4. Who will be the editor of the article?
5. How long is the article going to go? How many points, months or whatever.
6. Check if A Tale Of x Gamers, is a copyright from games workshop! Or you might be in trouble if you do a good job...
7. make STRICT rules about When the models have to be assembled and painted, when the article MUST be finnished and so on! This is VERY importent!

Do it:
1. You go do it.

On a final note: Please PM me with a link when you start up! I've been thinking about doing it myself, thats were all this come from...
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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