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"Talon of Horus" and...

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Most of us (God willing) know that Horus's lightning claw was called the "Talon of Horus". However, the weapon that appears more frightening and gruesome that he wielded in Adrian Smith's image of the Emperor and Horus about to fight was the giant mace he wielded. It is given that it was a power weapon, but what was it called? I mean even if it didn't have a name what type of Mace is it? I can't puzzle it out and it has been racking at my brain all the live long day!
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To my knowledge thats the first time Horus has been shown armed with it. Maybe its like the word bearer's accursed crozius- a symbol of rank and spirituality.

Thats all I can think of.
That would make a fair bit of sense, but since he was the Warmaster and such that would lead me to believe it was something a bit different.
As far as I know it was simply a power mace, kind of the precursor to the thunder hammer.
In IA Horus uses two lightning claws, not a mace. It's probably based on LotR with the evil guys having maces.
The main problem with that is: why wouldn't abaddon have taken both then? Its not like he didn't have time to do it.
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