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Tank Battle Damage

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Ok this is the 1st few steps in my LaTD army. I'm converting 4 tanks from loyalist to traitor, and adding battle damage so they look ramshackle and old. Here's two of the tanks, the basilisk and rhino, showing my progress so far.


Do they looked damaged enough? I will update with more pics as I go along.
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Yeah, I like 'em. Of course, as you well know, only part of the work is in the actual conversion. It is the painting that will REALLY determine how "beaten up" they look.

Good job
Yeah. I'm going to be going for a rusty scab-red kinda paint job. After I do the damage on my two lemun russes I'll get to painting them.
Yes, they are damaged enough...maybe a couple of bullets should have hit the shield on the Basilisk though.
It's really easy to go over the top in converting-phase of damage making, so do not add much. I found that the use of sandpaper or a small file at the bottom of the front gives a nice "We've been driving this for ages, in hell, and not been to careful"-kind of look I think every Traitor tank should have.

I'm looking forward on seeing how they progres. Keep 'em coming.
They look great, but I know one thing I'd do would be to cut a raged hole in one of the Rhino doors or maybe the Track Guards on the Basalisk.

Can't wait to see the Leman Russes!

I think they look good, as has been said, it is pretty easy to go way over the top with battle damage, but yours look good, like they have been through several battles and been treated none too well.
I especially like the damage to the platform on the back of the 'lisk.

It'll be down to the paint job to really define how they look though.
I'd reccomend painting the metal on around the damaged areas first, then building up layers over it with the main colour, and then adding any scorching/superficial damage to the paint, as painting the damage on later can make it quite tricky to get looking right.

Good job man.

Can't wait to see them painted.

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