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Tank Commander, House Rule

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I was drooling over the forgeworld tank crew models earlier today, absentmindedly staring at the tank commander brandishing his plasma pistol. Then I glanced over to my desk where my exterminator's tank commander had his bolt pistol raised high. Thats when I got the notion that it'd be neat if tank commanders had access to the IG armory, or at least had some sort of use for those pistols. So I came up with a little house rule that I think might be fun to try out in your next friendly game:

Tank Commander-10pts
Any Imperial Guard Tank may purchase a Tank Commander as a vehicle upgrade. The Tank Commander cannot fire during the shooting phase, but couts as a defensive weapon on the tank for damage roll purposes.

Wargear: Las Pistol
The Tank Commander may purchase a bolt pistol for 2points, or a plasma pistol for 7pts. He may also make use of a pintle mounted storm bolter or heavy stubber (purchased seperately for the tank) at no extra cost.

Special Rules:
And Stay Back!! - If a tank with a Tank Commander is assaulted the Tank Commander may fire his weapon (following normal rules for that weapon) before the assault is resolved. The tank commander may only perform this once per turn.

Cowboy Up - A tank with a Tank Commander treats the first Crew Shaken or Stunned roll it suffers in a game as a weapon destroyed roll instead, removing the Tank Commander. This represents the TC ducking down into the hull to rally his crew. Note that pintle-mounted weapons can still be used normally during the shooting phase.
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You might also want to check out the special rules ForgeWorld have produced for their character Tank Commanders in IA:1.
That sounds like a pretty sweet rule. But remember that since we're IG, anything that good should probably cost about double what it would normally cost for someone else :cry:

I have a similar commander sticking out of my Demolisher. He's pretty much the sickest conversion I have done. Maybe I should try out your house rule on my friends?
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