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Does anyone know any quick cheap and efficient alternatives to tank traps besides the wood putty in ice-cube tray? same thing with landmine fields. and how big are these terrain peices usually?
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A good one to use would be to find a bunch of big cork stoppers and possibly decorate the tops with sheild or something suitable. Here is an article GW made on their site about it, looks pretty good to me.
two words for you .... egg box :D

if you look on grim stalkers imperial guard site under scenery you'll find loads of quick terrain tips

its well easy if you follow my guide! (heh heh heeh):yes:
Good luck
Link to guide:
get thoes htings that you put in the freeaer to make ice....fill them with clay and BAM tank traps
Trust me using pink foam and cut shapes out of it and i makes it look sooo much better
Ok, the standard icecube theme is proparbly the easiest way to go, as it is the standard tanktraps that they use, heck they even use some of em today.
If I can just get some time and the patience to drive for one hour I can get you some pics of WW2 tanktraps.


Another way you can do it is by simply making something that looks like the GW plastic tank traps.
The ones that are made of 3-4 pieces of I-beam.
It shoulden't be hard to make em from scratch. If you have access to some sheet metal or anything else that can easily bend into shape then it is just a matter of getting the shape of the beams that you want, and then just start gluing/bonding/welding them together.

No prob at all eh?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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