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GEneral configuration, let me know what you think!

Ethereal: 60pts
-Honour Blade
-1xSheild Drone

Honour Guard: 97pts
-Shas'ui w/Drone Controller
-1xGun Drone

3xBroadsides: 315pts
-Sheild Generators
-Shas'vre w/ Drone Controller, Multi-Tracker and 2xSheild Drones

5xFirewarrior Squads: 80pts Each = 400pts
-6 per Squad
-Shas'ui w/Drone Controller
-1xGun Drone

Kroot Squad: 141pts
-12 Kroot
-1 Shaper w/Pulse Rifle
-2 Kroot Hounds

Gun Drone Squad: 72pts
-6 Drones

Crisis Suit Squad: 144pts
-2x XV8 Suits
each with:
-1xPlasma Rifle
-1xMissile Pod

Stealth Team A: 130pts
-Targeting Array

Stealth Team B: 136pts
-Targeting Array
-1xFusion Blaster

TOTAL: 1495pts
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