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Tau 450pt list

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I am just starting Tau and I put all of my models into this lsit.

Etheral - 50

12 Fire Warriors - 120

10 Kroot - 70

Heavy Support
Hammerhead with Ion Cannon,multitracker,
two burst cannons - 140
Great Knorlac - 70

If you have any suggestions let them fly I am not sure what I will get for my next thousand points so any new units would be nice.:w00t:
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I've finnally seen a list that has me totally stumped. What the bloody hell is a "Great Knorlac"? Just curious.
Now if you are asking for a critique on if this army list is effectively chosen, then i'd say it is okay.

-Though I don't know if I can say ionhead on your first hammerhead is effective, i'd go railhead all the way, it provides more capabilities to your young army for now.

To expand on your list...

-1-2 more fire warrior boxs

3x XV8's

Then Decide if you want to go Mech, because mech tau is probably one of the best choices you can ever have for now, unless you plan on going static ... then load up more firewarriors..

and great knarloc.. you mean the forgeworld.. beast thing o.o
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I think that I am going to go Mech Tau. if I do what models would I get? Yes it is the Kroot monster thing on Forge World that I have:yes:
1 More Hammerhead (Total of 2 Min in most armies)

2 Devilfish (Min Mech usually run at least 2)

3-4 Crisis Suits (Also about the min number you'll run in mech)

6 Stealths (Some lists have them, some don't, get six and you'll always have versatility)

These are about the standard buys for Mech and if you get them you wont find any of these things useless. You might need more FW's but you'll probably get them with the DF's. Keep in mind we have a new codex and some units like Stealths will change models, if you want the new ones you might want to wait a couple of months for all the new stuff to hit the selves.
Heh what he said is actually a good list. 2 devilfishs or so.

Mech is really recommended. well keep us posted about your army and its growth. Can't wait to see ^.^, as I've just started Tau a week ago :p
I would not look at and ethereal. They tend to be high prority models to get rid of. If he get taken out its a lot of moral tests for you army. I have one a many games due to ineffective use by my opponents.
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