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Here is a nifty one, I bought the massive lizard man dino for a space wolf conversion and the rider was sitting around almost begging to be made into a character so I took the blade of some unused Bionicle Sword and stuck it into position and created a new Lizzardman rider conversion, I like tau so I figured add some Fusion Cannons and make him a tau Hero Mercenary

HNI_0033.JPG HNI_0034.JPG

I made up some rules if you want to make your own.

Points WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
75 5 3 3(5) 4 2 4 3 9 3+

Army: In a Tau army he counts as a troop choice unit and can never join another unit unless they all count jetbike units, he may join any other army and counts as a Elite choice unit but cannot take objectives and furthermore cannot join any eldar army

Unit: Jetbike

Equipment: Twin Linked Fusion Cannons, Close Combat Weapon, Power Weapon Craft (see Below), Photon Grenade Dispenser (see below)

Special Rules: Eternal Warrior, Independent Character, Hit and Run, Insane Heroism, Prefered Enemy

Power Weapon Craft: Ka’rox’s entire craft is a massive blade that can slice open anything, as such his first attack always counts as being made by a power weapon and also makes all attacks by him count as strength five only on his turn he attacks and counts as a powerfist when fighting vehicles

Photon Grenade Dispenser: In close combat tiny photon Grenades the size of pellets fire out of the underside of Ka’rox’s craft sending sonic booms and flashes into the air, Ka’rox counts as being equipped with photon grenades, further more if he ever uses the hit and run special rule the enemy unit must pass a pinning test

Insane Heroism: Known for doing insane feats of stupid and death defying Heroism, to represent this Ka’rox must pass a leadership test and if he passes he may move double his distance or double his shots or base attack this turn, if he fails he takes a wound with no saves allowed

Preferred Enemy: Ka’rox can never join an eldar army and always makes a hit on a 3+ when in close combat with any eldar units

If you are wondering why he cannot join eldar read this story.

Once his people grew and flourished on a world that was once a tropical paradice, they must have evolved after the original enhabitants left, they are a species of reptilian hunters who found themselves masters of a world with abundant technology long abandoned by the eldar.
These people were called the Verax, and they built a small space empire with the technology from their homeworlds ancestors. But their ancestors would soon come back. But instead of embracing the Verax as descendants of their worlds the Eldar, the original masters of this sector of space destroyed the Verax.
The Verax a jungle peoples fought back with the eldar technology that worked as easily for them as in the hands of any eldar. But the eldar had wisdom and speed on their side and soon overpowered the Verax and destroyed them.
Then after the Verax were destroyed the Eldar simply abandoned the worlds and vanished. There was a child who survived the distruction and is now the last of his species, he managed to assemble the last of the technology of the world and as he did a new threat arrived, but this young warrior believed them to be the eldar.
And as the new threat came to the world the warrior attacked with such verosity that he managed to destroy the first Orca drop ship within moments of touch down. A full cadre arrived and managed to capture the young spitting and growling warrior.
It took many Kai’rotta to translate his language into Tau and he found a strange new understanding with these new masters. In return for protection and technology the Tau allowed him to seek his revenge on the eldar.
So a truce was made, the young warrior became a member of the Tau empire and took the name Ka’rox, meaning savage warrior and in return he fought alongside the Tau in hopes of defeating the eldar and maybe finding any of his kind who might have survived.
He fought along side the Mighty Karria many times and has been known to vanish and take up sides with humans as a mercenary if it meant fighting eldar though he always returned to the tau.


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