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Originally posted by Orestes@Oct 7 2003, 17:38
well first off TAU are the worst in HtH sure there suit can hold up in HtH but they wont get the same options chaos have. They can maybe outshoot chaos though. Chaos can shoot(Iron Warriors) and can fight(All the gods except tzeecth).And chaos just have more options then TAU. I would play chaos
you forget one thing though, Tau are twice as cool :)
Pros: Good looking models
Devine firepower
Fairly mobile
Can outshoot basically any army
Rail is great vs. expensive units w/ thick armour, as well as orks/guardians/IG/'gaunts/any other "strenght-in-numbers" type of unit. Ion cannons deal w/ marines and such
Easy to paint, but can still be extremely sex0r.

Cons: not very versatile (not as much as tyranids anyway)
sux0r in Hand to Hand combat
they don't get as much attention as IG or Astartes (= fewer models)

Well, that's about it.
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