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2000 pt Battle Report

Mission: Recon
Objective: To push your units into your opponenets deployment zone.

Grandfather Nurgles Children Army(My opponents Army)
Demon Prince- Scyth, Wings, Resilence,
Lieutenant Sorcerer w/terminator armour
4 chosen Nurgle terminators
IN a Land Raider
7 Death Guard(Nurgle) in a rhino
7 Death Guard(Nurgle) w/ tank busting weapons and tank hunter skill in rhino
7 Death Guard (Nurgle) w/ plasma guns and close combat equip also have infiltrate ability
Dreadnaught w/ Plasma Cannon

Tau Force
Shaso and Bodyguard
3 Firewarrior Squads one in a devilfish
2 10 Man Kroot Squads
Crisis Suit Team
Broadside Suit Team
Hammerhead ion cannon
Hammerhead railgun

Tau turn 1
::Aunshi listened to the sounds of the dust blowing on the dry breeze. Tumbleweeds bumped and collided with buildings as they made their way through town. The Tau had setup up alongside one side of the town expecting the guela to appear. There had been reports of activity in this area and they were investigating but so far all they have found was death and decay. Corpses lay wrtihing in pain amind the thoroughfares, then he heard the grumblings. Like a great beast behind a building it appeared. A vast putrid looking land raider. Its hull blistered and rank it made all of his fellow firewarriors sick to see it. "There," pointing to the landraider, "Broadsides fire!" Aunshi made quick decisions easy as he commanded the rest of the army to engage the disgusting foe. It had begun.::
3 Broadsides fired at the Landraider . . . destroying both of twin linked lascannons. ;) It was still mobile. 3 Crisi Suits popped from behind some trees with Nurgles Defiler in sight. Missile pods lauched a destructive salvo into the defiler destroying it and sending it flying off in another direction. Both hammerheads came forward. The hammerhead with its railgun skidded before a building and launched its railgun at a rhino. It destroyed the combi bolter atop. The other hammerhead with ion cannon and Shaso with bodyguard unloaded upon a infiltrating nurgle squad of seven marines killing 5. Both Kroot squads moved forward.

Nurgle turn 1
The land raider roared forward not hampered by the loss of its lascannons. The dreadnaught moved up behind the landraider. They both looked to be charging down the middle towards my two units of firewarriors and broadsides. On the left flank a nurgle rhino came forward to disgorge its troop unit of tank hunters right in front of the hammerhead with the railgun. They opened up with metl weapons and ended up blowing off the railgun. The Land Raiders machine spirit fired its twin linked heavy bolters but hit nothing. The dreadnaught fired its heavy plasma canon and incinerated 3 Firewarriors.

Tau turn 2
Hammerhead w/o railgun now flew off away from its assualters leaving them open to fire. The Shaso and bodyguard put themselves in range as did the hammerhead with ion cannon. The combined fire killed all but one nurgle marine who held the nurgle icon for the army. This put the a Kroot Squad out of charge range as well that were going to charge that unit. They stood their blinking as a demon prince looked their way. The broadsides fired again at the oncoming landraider and all missed! :blink: On the right flank the devilfish with firewarriors and the crisis suit team moved along the side of the battlefield working their way to the enemies deployment zone.

Nurgle turn 2
ANother rhino with nurgles troops moved towards the right flank to cut off the Taus troops. The Dreadnaught and Landraider roared down the middle of the battlefield towards the Tau line. A squad of plaguebearers were summoned by the lone nurgle marine on the right flank. The summoned squad in the excitement though ended on top of a building far from the enemy and was not in a good position to get into the fight. They tried to move off the the top of the building to get into charge range of the Shaso and his bodyguard but rolled a 1 and 2 for difficult terrain tests. They couldnt get off the roof because it was 3 inches high. They stood there. The demon prince and lone nurgle on the right flank both charged the kroot squad. They killed 3 Kroot with casualties in return. The Kroot held though. The terminators in the land raider did not get out for fear they wouldnt have range to charge so they decided to stay in for another round of shooting. The land raider fired with its heavy bolter and killed a firewarrior while the dreadnaught missed with its plasma cannon.

Tau turn 3
The Shaso and bodyguard moved away from the plaguebeaerers on the building with the hammerhead w/ion cannon. Both units fired into the plaguebearers only leaving three alive. The demon prince, lone nurgle marine fought the kroot killing another 3. 3 more fought back killing the lone nurgle marine. The broadsides finally did their job and blew up the landraider. Its contents disgorged from its destroyed body and looked for revenge. On the right flank the devilfish and its squad destroyed the rhino. Its 7 nurgle marines jumped out and tried to hide behind the transport. Only two were able to hide as the crisis suit squad unloaded into them and killed 4. The other kroot squad fired and killed one more nurgle marine.

Nurgle turn 3
Summoned another unit of plaguebeaers who in turn charge the broadsides. The terminators charge a firewarriors squad. Unleashing magical puke and striking with power weapons they wipe out the squad. The plaguebeaerers lose to the broadsides as they lost 3 deamons. They pass their test though easily. The deamon prince on the left flank moved away from the Shaso and his bodyguard preferring not to get shot at. The last two nurgle marines on the left flank fire at the kroot on the same side and kill one.

Tau turn 4
Shaso and bodyguard and the hammerhead with ion cannon kill the rest of the infiltrating squad which was hiding out in some ruins which had been forgotten. They were killed and the suits moved on past their diseased carcasses. The crisis suit team on the right flank finnished off the rest of the nurgle squad. The broadsides won the combat again by killing two more plaguebearers. They held though and kept the fight up. Aunshi and his squad tried to get away from the fighting and moved towards the side of the table.

Nurgle turn 4
Dreadnaught turns around and heads for the right flank. Fires at the Kroot trying to get into the deployment zone and misses. Twin linked bolter hits though and blows one kroot apart. Nurgle terminators charge the broadsides and kill off one broadside. The broadsides stand and fight on not having caused a wound this turn. The deamon prince hides behind a building with a small unit of 3 plaguebearers.

Tau turn 5
Units move into the deployment zone. Aunshi and his quad try to get away further from the close combat. The terminators wipe out the broadsides and consoldated towards Aunshis team.

Nurgle turn 5
The dreadnaught fires into an undamaged Firewarrior squad and kills two firewarriors and a drone. The terminators charge and Aunshi leads the defense of his squad. He holds the enemy at bay for this turn only losing 2 firewarriors.

Tau turn 6
Tau units consolidate in deployment zone and hammerhead with ion cannon gets a bead on the back of the dreadnaught. 50 inches away the ion cannon looses a volley. BOOM! the dreadnaught explodes. The terminator squad kills another couple of firewarriors but Aunshi holds up.

Nurgle turn 6
The terminator squad wipes out the rest of the firewarrior squad and Aunshi. The game ends.

Tau have 5 units in the enemies deployment zone while Grandfather Nurgles children only have 2. It was a good fun game. :D

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It lasted about 3 hours. Then I played a vanilla space marines after that which I have yet to post. Ill put that one down soon when I get some more time. It was a nightfight which is very hard for Tau and It looked bad for me the whole game but I was able to pull out a draw. Cya around

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