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I am playing a team game soon with lizardmen against slaanesh and another chaos army, probably tzeench, but that player switches his marks up all the time. Unfortunately, my owned units are sparse, and I hate proxying, so I have put together what I think is the best army I can as of now. I have no wights, (I know I know, I'm working on getting them) nor a coach or other bloodlines. Here is the list:

2000pt Army List
Necrarch Lord: Lvl 4, Nehekara's Noble Blood, Crown of the Damned, Black Periapt 430
Necromancer: Lvl 2, Power familiar 150
Necromancer: Lvl 2, Book of Arkhan, Dispel scroll 150

25 Skeletons light armor command 275
30 Skeletons light armor 300
20 Zombies 120
10 Dire wolves 100

3 Ethereal Host 195
12 Ghouls 96

2 Banshees 180


The only extra pieces I have are another thrall on horsie, 5 skeletons, and 4 fell bats. The real question is have a formed my units effectively, and are my characters equiped well. I am also going to try and get my friend to play lizardmen with a slann so we can dominate the magic phase. If I can I will try and put myself up against the Slaanesh player, since my fear-causing is pretty useless against either side, and it will make his "mindcontrol" less effective, and sopoforic musk won't do much either since my skeletons wont hit anyways.

I will post results later

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It's a pretty solid list.

BTW, ghouls are core units.

I'd drop from 12 to 9 ghouls, and from 30 to 25 skeletons. Then I'd add in the fell bats. Flyers can do a lot for you: slow down the enemy, kamikaze into skink priests hiding in units, take out war machines, and generally pester the enemy.

I think your characters are okay. Some people will say don't use a lord, but the mounted necrarch thrall really isn't worth it. And having an extra wound on an undead general can mean a lot. I'd take him like he is, and with ld 10, the crown should be fine.

I'd equip the lord a bit differently: crown of the damned, spell familiar, master of the black arts, the awakening.

Then you'd have a 4+ ward save, four spells to pick from, an additional 6" to cast those spells (which can be huge when it comes to magic missile, curse of years, or good old IoN, and an extra D3 models to every IoN (also pretty huge).

You'll still have 10 power dice and a bound item and seven dispel dice and a scroll. Pretty darned strong magic phase both offensively and defensively. Besides, being a lvl 4 caster means you can roll five dice. And if you look at statistical charts, your chances at successful rolls actually decline at that point because of the increased chance of a miscast. I don't think it's worth it.


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Hey sorry to bring this thread back up, but the game that i wrote about before is tonight, as i assumed vs double chaos. Should I have my friend play lizardmen or empire, he has both armies, as I said before I was thinking of controling the magic phase with a Slann's help. Any new ideas would be appreciated, but remember I have limited pieces.

A few updates:
The lord has forbidden lore, dark acolyte, crown of the damned, and the awakening
One necro has book of arkhan and gem of blood (never used it before, but was hoping it would increase survival)

24 Skeletons lt armor, full command
24 skeletons lt armor
19 zombies
4 fell bats

all of the rest is the same

also any ideas on how to either defeat, or just occupy a keeper of secrets?
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