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Terminator conversion - same body different results - Nurgle and Imperial

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Just thought I'd add to the Mix. As you can probably guess, both are based on the Imperial Termie Capt model. More info below the photo:

As you can, sort of, tell the Nurlge termie on the right is a much more extensive conversion. Legs, arms and head were all swapped. Also Imperial do-dads were removed and or beaten up. Painting isn't done on that fellow.

On the right, my imperial captain. Much less work here, only a head swap, a weapon swap and the addition of his book and a combat-shield sized boss on the gun arm (hard to see in the photo)

If you've got any questions on the parts or how any of it was done - ask away.

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The conversion is good, but the painting. Wow.

(Stares in awe)
Looks great, altough that loyal termi looks a lot better then the nurgle one :yes:
Although you wouldn't expect a nurgle marine to look 'good'. I reckon it's perfect in its imperfection.
Xiahou Dun said:
Although you wouldn't expect a nurgle marine to look 'good'. I reckon it's perfect in its imperfection.
It can still be well-painted, you know, look good in a nurglish way? ;)
The paint work on the Nurgle one is far from done. Basically I've only blocked in the main colors and done a touch of shade work. There's still a good bit of paint work to be done on him (highlights, details etc. but I got side stracked) He was put up to show a contrast between conversion results, based on the same model.
lol its like an advertisement for space marines to join chaos, with a before and after photo,
"join the legion of nurgle! rape, pillage and plunder! plus free armour upgrades!":yes:
Your termys kick butt dude! SERIOUS butt!
Since I've gotten a few questions on the Nurgle conversion - here's the scoop

I used the body from the Imperial Terminator Captain. I did the following for the conversion:

1. Cut his legs off at the bottom of the thigh with and x-acto saw. The cut was made just above the exo-skeleton piping bits This forced me to cut a chunk of the robes out as well.
To make the new legs I cut the lower legs from a metal Chaos terminator at the same spot. Also I added a layer of plastic card to the thigh stumps and the bottom of the feet to add some height. I used green stuff to remake the robes

2. Arms. The right (claw) arm is just a shoulder pad from a chaos termie joined to the arm from the Raptor leader. Also a layer of plastic card was added to the inside of the shoulder pad to beef it up. For the left arm (Sythe) I used the razor saw to CAREFULLY cut the original pad free, but leave the arm in tact. The power sword was cut away and Replaced with the Sythe from the mounted WFB nurgle knight.

3. Head. The orginal head was drilled and dremeled out and replaced with one from a chaos termie. Seems simple, but took a number of test fittings and more grinding to get right. Not a hard job, but should not be rushed. The 'collar' of the armour was beefed up with some green stuff.

4. Misc details. A dremel was used to remove purity seals and the necklace. The back banner is from the old WFB Nurgle palanquin. The nurgle symol on the should pad is green stuff. Just 3 small blobs, with the skulls being cast from the shield of the same WFB nurgle knight. A knife, file and dremel were used to bash, dent and rot things as needed.
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