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Terminators In Inquisitor

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A Terminator in Inquisitor.... HE WOULD BE INVINCIBLE. Space Marines are tough enough let alone terminators. You will definately have to tone that down, i have never meet anyone that even thinks about having a terminator in inquisitor, that would be hugely powerful for the player with him but dead boring for the player against him. If you did go ahead there would need to be a serious back story as to why he is in the campaign.
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I hate it when people try to do this. It is really unfair. Stick with the rules Games Workshop made. If they wanted Terminators in Inquisitor they would have made Terminators for Inquisitor.
a terminater would be very power full and most likly the only member if u can make the moddle fair go
look, one basic Space Marine can win a battle alone (I've already tried :p ), imagine a Termy... NO! don't even imagine it...

But the fiure would kick ass B)

If you want an advice, look at this:

I hope it will help you :)
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we had a simialr game witha terminator model my friend had made.. it was a chaos terminator. armed with a lightning claw and a reaper autocannon. but he also had one for a normal powerfist adn storm bolter ultramarines model he had also made. nwo while thoughts were for a clash of the titans battle that was not to happne. siple y it was the two players haad to take on this chaos termie. (both palyers were imperail inquisitors) with normal bands. and a third player took the chaos termie and teh GM did his thing.

simple rules to make a termie not only characterful but also playabel without being insnaaely tought but without losing his nturla terminator invincibility away. you could try these rules we used. they worked ok

add all the foloowing terminators noraml stuff first.

give him equal armour on ALL points and give his helemt equla armour rating.

Give him his weapons. for generec termie stormbolter and powerfist

Give his helemet inbuilt scopes. thermal, optics etc. give him a rebreatehr built into helmet. etc.

Give him rules allwoing him to fire on the move with no penaltys.add rules to make him toughter to knock downor put on his side. (to model teh terminator leg stabilisers)

now you have mad ea SUPEr ought space amrine with no wweakness. congrats youhave the common viwew of a terminator. now make him characterful by ading in his weakness.

1: he's a termine. these guys are HUGE remeber itns not called tactical dreadnaught armour for it's ice name. make teh count as large models. meaning you get better chance to hit them. now you have reduced their huge armour value by making them hit more often.

make him SLOW. limit him to moving ata max speed of a walk. nothign faster. adn no possiblity for stealth. hes' a termie for hells sake they can't exactly move quietly and hide in the bushes.

make him heavy. so if he goes on any walky ways that are light constructed make them take a tet to see if they hold or he smashes throught it.

Limit his weaons choices. no weapons which allow him to tak single shots. this will mean that althought he can fire onteh move without penatlys he will not get any bonuse for trying to be a selsctive shot. hw will jsut shoot and hopethey falld own. this enourages him to tackle more opponents than normal models would risk.

ok there are SOME ideas. now you can see taht a termie model is NOT invincible. yes it's tought yes its'a walking tank, YES it will probably casue soem serious damage before you ruin it's paint work. but lets face it. how many times have you played someone who has the UBER inquisitior with everything./ a terie is no diffeerent from a uber inquisitior except for this one fact

THE TERMIE IS MEANT TO BE THAT WAY. inquisitors are normally jsut humans with som skill and style
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omg - i LOVE that model, will never use one in inquisitor but it ROCKS
well done!
Hi enthropist,

Just checked out the photos and they do definitely rock!!

Where did you actually get them?
Are they figures for use with Inquisitor from GW or are they independent work?
holy crap man!
that termy is awesome.
if i could only make something like that *whimper*
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