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Terminators with Heavy Weapons please help

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Right I have a question..

When assaulting you obviously cant shoot Heavy Weapons, but does this mean my termies cannot fire their Assault Cannons and then Assault?

I always thought that their armour allowed them to do this but me and my mate were unsure so we decided that I shouldn't..

Please advice.. Thanks...
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The answer you seek can be found in the rulebook:

Page 36 - Heading "Shooting and Assaulting" - paragraph 2 (in italics).
Thanks man.. but as bad as this sounds, I dont have the rule book as my mate has it, but his out in the gulf at the mo, so basically can I or cant I use my termies to shoot Assault Cannons and then Assault?

Thanks again pal.. :)
According the reference kindly provided by Addoran, the answer is YES!!!!! Happy shooting and fist pounding (although I can't imagine if anything is still within assault range after 2 assault cannons tearing it away!).

Terminators can move, shoot and then assault. No matter if they have heavy weapons or not. That's one of the good things about termintor armour.

Pg. 25 of the Space Marine codex for moving and shooting with heavy weapons with models wearing Terminator armour.
Pg. 29 of the Main rule book for assaulting after firing heavy weapons

And as earlier stated, Pg. 36 of the main rulebook.

The only limitation is the standard. You have to charge the unit that you shot at.

EDIT: Huh. While this has always been the case with terminator armour(through multiple editions), and while I doubt that it has been changed, those folks( who need to employ a decent ****ing editor that understands the game!) at GW while implying that you can three times(certain special units with great internal power sources my move and shoot heavy weapons and then assault ect.) they never come out and spcecifically say terminators can assault after firing heavy weapons.
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Cool thanks for the help guys.. When this occured I still won the assault anyway against Necrons.. Though my Chaplin was leading the termies.. hehehe

Oh and I thought you could only give termies 1 assault cannon per 5 man squad, maybe I read my codex wrong, but a few people have said their squads contain 2 Assault Cannons.

Is that 2 AC's to a 10 man squad and 1 AC to a 5 man Squad?


Can I have 2 AC's to a 5 man squad and 4 Ac's to a 10 man squad?

That many assault cannons will sure make my opponents sweat..
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1 squad.
2 AC.

If that squad be 5 man strong, 2 AC.
If that squad be 10 man strong, 2 AC.
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