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I love Terradons! I use three in my 1000 point army and they are great for hunting war machines or flanking units then flying away. The funny thing is my opponents are so afraid of them they will send whole units worth more than my terradons to counter them. I just want to hear your opinions on terredons and mabe any good or bad experiences you've had with them.
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Terradons are great creatures indeed. Apart from the usual warmachine hunting and mage assassinating they're also useful for chasing a big Ogre unit of the board while slaughtering yet another mob of Gnoblars.

The best way of countering Terradons I have found is Fell bats
i destroyed:

20 nite gobbos full command (flank)
12 orc boyz with 2 choppas
and a shaman (i think)

in about two turns in a border patrol game
oh, and i lost a terradon in the process (started with three no champ.)

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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