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Last night I faced the Scars all bike / landspeeder army and earned myself another sticker!
Thanks to all who chimed in with some pointers. Basically I used a Significant Divergence army which allowed me to have Tac Squads with 2 special weapons, and also allowed them to take the Tank Hunter skill. I had 3 10-man Troops squads w/ 2 plasma guns and the TH skill permitted the bolters to Glance vs Landspeeders on a 5 or 6.
I lost 2 Tac Squads, all but 1 sniper, 1 Predator, most of my bike squad.
I had my Chaplain, 5 of my 6 Termies, a Whirlwind, a Predator, and half of a Tac Squad left which counted points.
He had nothing left which counted points. :)

Thanks again folks!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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