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Hi there, this Sunday i shall be playing my third game of Vampire Counts and my first game against Skaven against any army so any helpful advice would be appreciated.

-Vampire Lord 506 pts [LINK TO STATS AND UPGRADES: ]

-4 x Vampires with Additional Hand weapons, heavy Armour and enchanted shield.

-80 skeleton warriors with command and swords and shields (aka my bunker unit)
-2 x units of 30 zombies
-30 crypt ghouls

-5 hexwraiths with command
- 4 x spirit hosts

- Terroghist with both upgrades

Composition/Tactics im thinking of ATM

>Bunker unit with vamp lord and 2 vampires in middle
>ghouls backing them at side
>one unit of zombies at each table flank each with one vampire so that they can make more and allow them to march plus actually kill something
>2 spirit hosts behind each of the zombie units which will lash out in close proximity
>hex wraiths behind main bunker unit ready to fly over and deal damage
>while good old Terrorghiest sits in middle, flys and kills shit

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First off any guy with additional hand weapon can not use a shield in combat and you can only have the enchanted shield once. I would drop two of the vamps and give the other two some gear and upgrades.
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