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So with the Michigan Grand Tourney right around the corner and me narrowing down my army list to two possibilities, I decided it was high time to get my rear in gear about painting. I'm by no means a great player, but posting my work here might help me with the motivation to keep going. Pluse it might drum up some activity in the forum!

Up first we have The Fey Enchantress herself, I went with the old model because I despise the latest one GW had put out.
Nail Thumb Machine Toy Engineering

Hand Finger Nail Toy Thumb

Next I have my converted Paladin. Made him with a Wight Ling, some green stuff, and a KOTR helmet.
Finger Engineering Nail Thumb Wrist

Hand Arthropod Insect Finger Thumb

Hand Finger Thumb Circuit component Nail

Forgive the picture quality, it was late and I simply used my phone. The qualtity will be far better going forward. Please let me know what you guys think! C+C appreciated.

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Blimey! Fantasy stuff! The Knight looks very cool. I think someone else did a very similar conversion although I can't remember if it was MDSW or Father-Chaos now........ maybe neither. It's early.

The fey Enchantress is still a nice model despite the fact that's she's older than some of the people you're going to play against ;) Some of the old classics have far more character than anything GW now produces. Especially things like Brets.

What's next on the agenda?
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