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If you have some pictures of the models you are talking about that shod me great.

Any way I have seen some of your painting before. So maybe I can help you some.

As for the faces, I don’t clam that Imp a face painter expert, I have just painted a few, Still I’m quite happy with the result.

I don’t use wet blending on faces because they are so small and have a lost of details, layering is more suited here I think. I usably paint the next layer before the first is dry so the colors melt together some.

Any way I start with white base coat on the face. If you are painting whiter camo you are probable using white base coat anyway? If not then you have to paint the face white before you start.

Now the most important thing (as always) keep it thin, but I guess you know that. :) After I have the white I paint the skin color. Then I use the flesh was.

After this I paint the eye, I do it in this order so I can correct the mistakes that I probably will do when I paint the eye. Its important that you have a shade all around the eye white, or it just melt together with the skin tone. A brown wash is good I think, don’t use black then it can look like your guard man have eyeliner all around.

If you want darker skin I use more layers of flash wash. It is aloes possible to use a brown wash if you want darker shades. When I’m happy I paint on flesh color one more time. Then I ad white to the flesh for highlights.

Don’t lose the shades of the face, it is a easy thing to wrong. The details of the face is not so deep and it is a easy thing to cover it up with paint if it is to thick.

If I saw a picture I think I can help you more, good luck
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