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The Awakening - Part 2 - VC Fluff

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the first part and older writings can be found here :

Here´s the next part:

Part 2, The Arrival.

It was nightfall. The stars above barely visible in the hard rain
pouring down, the already badly shaped road was getting worse
by the minute.
It was nearly impossible to see more than 10 feet ahead of them and
Lordling Endar saw the dishearted looks and hunched shapes of his
warriors escorting the surviving slaves fowards.
He knew he would never make it in time and he knew that the amount
of slaves captured would not be close to the number of slaves he
would arrive to his lord with.

Every bit of his clothes were soaked and the long walk had his
muscles aching, he really wanted to sit down and rest. However,
There was one fact that keep him upright and giving away no
signs of being broken or tired, he would not allow his soliders
to see him weak for surely some ursurper might feel that they
should be in his stead.
Then again who would that be? He´s soldiers nearly fell to the
ground themselves but nonetheless he would not stop or show
any hint of exhaustion.

Endar looked up to the skies in contempt but finally he saw
the sillouets of the dark towers of his garrison stationed not
far from the great city of naggarond itself.
He turned around and saw relief in soldiers and renewed terror
in the eyes of the slaves.

"Form ranks, we stand in the shadow of our lord and king
he ordered his soliders.
Armour hitting armour and cries of slaves filled his ears and
in a few moments his army looked respectble even in his eyes.

When they reached the gates as an unnatural silence crept up
upon them sending shivers down their already cold spines and
finding it way into their hearts. As Endar looked around he saw torches
without dancing flames and the guards were nowhere to be seen.
He causiously moved up to the gate, it wasnt locked. Just wide
enough for 2 maybe 3 of his men to enter side by side.
No guards, no sign of anything at all just the same empty silence.

He turned back to his men and spoke;
"Rithail, Tenir, Kelran, Erion and Heldir follow me, we
shall see where this Slavemaster is hiding..."
said with authority and just as surely the elves moved for
the small opening in the gate.
when the fifth had passed inside he adressed the rest of his
"Set up a temporary camp and stay alert, whatever happend
here could happend again"
. He then moved inside himself.

Before them was something Endar couldnt really comprehend, This wasnt
the garrison was supposed to get to. Infact this he wasnt sure what
this place was.
This was more a fortified village than anything else. There were
lots of small houses, some more elaborate buildings stretching far
into the sky. It was when his eyes landed upon the house on the
centre upon a great hill he jumped, its presence was horrifying.
He could not quite see it but he could certainly feel it, indeed he
could. He suddenly felt an arm on his right shoulder, he turned around
quickly unsheating his sword in the same movement but there were
no one there.

He stared in disbelief, the gate was shut. He quickly moved infront of
it and cried out to his soliders outside but nothing greeted him
other than the win blowing past his shoulders. Endar was furious,
he hated not being in charge. He would tear this pitiful town a part bit
by bit till he would find however pulled this tasteless joke upon

The houses that ran beside the fog laced road up towards to that... house
were simple at best. The wooden walls were if blackened and at a first
glance they looked ready to collapse but as Endar and the elves that
followed him moved closer it appeared to be very solid. Infact when he
got a first close look the houses were all but rugged.
what was this place? The architecture was far from anything he had seen
in elven cities yet elven runes adorned doors, Khainite runes.

He looked back and ordered his elves to fasten pace. They moved further
up, the house that haunted Endars mind didnt appear to be so far away as
he thought it would be. He looked quickly over the shoulder, he saw light
in the window of one of the houses. A faint light, nother more but atleast
someone was there and that someone would have to answer for all this.

"Tenir, Heldir follow me. The rest of you keep guard and if you hear
screams dont worry... it wont be mine"
" he said with an twisted grin met
with the approving nods and laughter of his men.

authors note; just the first draft and hopefully i´ve spotted most grammatic errors and so on.
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