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The Battle for Averheim

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Okay this is my first fluff, so I my be a bit rusty at putting words togehter. This fluff has been taking out from a game me and some friends had some time ago.
It comes in 2 parts and sorry if you think the preview is a bit long.

Part 1 - Alone in the days of darkness

The life in the old world was threatend. Evil had been oraganized. They were now in such a great number, that every living thing would be doomed. The gods of Chaos had made a pact with the scum of the vampires, the traitoreus dark elves and the bones from the dessert. In many terrified eyes, the old world would colapse.
The only thing they could hope for, was a miracle.

The sky had been grey for the last couple of days. Bad weather dominated the land of the Empire. Arkan looked upon the clouds, who would be witness to the final clash.
He remembered the battle last year, were he and his childhood friend, Valdaran, had led a huge empire army in a mighty fight against the evil hordes of Chaos. The number of loses were great, but in the 5th hour they finally destroyed the enemy.
But in the fight against the Chaos lord, Arkan got wounded. Unfortunatly this wasent an ordinary wound. The blade, which was held by the Chaos lord, had been blessed by the terrifeing god of Khorne. Any victim, who got hit by this blade, and did not die, would be haunted for eternity untill the wielder of the blade had killed him, or the victim had killed the wielder.

Almost a year had now past, and Arkan hadnt seen or heard anything from his evil foe. He had been talking to the wizard Thalarian, and recieved disturbing news. Thalarian was a very old friend of Arkans father, the lord of the city Averheim. He had seen how the days had been darker, and got a vision that Arkan soon would need to show his courage ocne more and maybe meet his destiny.

Many days did pass and the clouds were getting darker and darker. All the crops on fields died and the peasents were beginning to lose their life stocks.
It was on the first day of the second week with darkness, that the vision Thalarian got were about to come true. The clouds became darker still and the intensity of the wind increased. Every citizen of Averheim went inside and they were bracing themselfs for the uncomming storm.
But meanwhile, Arkan and Valdaran was riding on a hill just south of the city. He was taking the words of Thalarian serious and wanted to check if something was about to happen, just in case.
When they finally reached the top, their blood became cold as ice and emptyness surrounded them. The horror of their nightmares became true. Arkan was so stunned, that he almost fell of his horse, but Valdaran quickly managed to grap his arm and pulled him up again. Their eyes didnt knew were to put them selfes and not even the bravest man could blame them. From the far left to the far right, enemy soldiers, fiends and undead approached. The ultimate Chaos alliance had now been created.
On the far left had a pack of Dark elves been corrupted by the Chaos lords and was given the promise of prisinors when the humans were defeated.
Next to them were the heartless Vampires on their advance. They were simply promised blood.
On their right side had the undead skeletons been gathering, and were marching in the promise that they would have revenge for what the humans had done to their tombs.
And finally on the far right, the troublemakers themself. Warriors in massive black armour and champions on powder black horses were only seeking death upon the humans.
And like a thunder from out of no where, Arkan got this feeling. The feeling of cold ice, the feeling of being alone, the feeling of laying on the battlefield, with nobody to rescue him or comfort him. In the middle of the Chaos knight unit, he saw him. The very same lord he had been fighting one year earlier.
Arkan looked at Valdaran with terrifying eyes. For the first time in his lifeage, he was afraid. They both turned their horses and hurried back to the city, pushing their horses to the limit. They quickly reached the city. In the biting cold wind, nobody would go out so it was easy to advance through the abandoned streets.
They finally reached the castle of Averheim and his fathers chaimber. He was breathless and almost fainted. His farther tried to calm him down like crazy but ended up slapping him. When Arkan finally came to his senses, he told him the terrible news. His father knew they were in a very bad situation due to the advancing enemies. But in addition to that, their army hadnt been fully recovered from the last battle. But still he ordered his chaimbermaster to send word to every captain in the town, that they should gather as many people to fight, as possible.
Silence took over in the chaimber, and after a few moments they gathered their strenght and headed towards the armoury.
It didnt take long getting equiped, and with the sword Arkan got from his grandfather, they got on their horses and headed outside of the city walls.
The cold weather was increasing, and as expected not many showed up. Arkan looked at his father and was handed an item. It was a ring that had been handed down from generation to generation in many centuries. Many lords had carried it with great honor and so it was meant for Arkan to do. But as soon as he took it on his finger he felt life going through him with enormess power. He was told to take care of the center while his father would be on the left flank and Valdaran on the right.
The citydoor was about to close when a shadow entered the battlefield. A little light was shining and suddently Thalarian was standing in front of them. He had been in every battle, Arkans father had also been in, so even though he was old he would be by their side, even if it was to the very end.
Arkan sighed and turned to face the upcomming battlefield. He kept his horse steady and watched while the enemy was slowly closing in.

Hope you liked reading it, and I will hurry on with the second part.
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Nice start to what looks to be a prosising series from here it can go the enmpire wins the big battle and the end or is the Empire going to lose and then be besieged and a longer story (i wounder)
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