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The Battle For Macragge Additions

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For Valentine’s Day my wife has gotten me The Battle For Macragge boxed set, the space marine’s starter paint set that goes with it, and a pack of Tyranid Warriors. (Our Barnes and Noble decided to get rid of its wargaming stock and we were able to get all of this with a 60% discount!)

I was thinking of getting myself a pack of gaunts and another pack of Tyranid Warriors, maybe a broodlord eventually but they don't have any left. As for my wife, a Command Squad makes a lot of sense but I’m not sure what else I should get her to even things out. At first I thought a land speeder would be good so she’d have something fast, however they also have dreadnoughts and terminators.

Right now I don’t think she has a preference and I want to make sure no one ends up with a decided advantage or far more points worth of models than the other. I realize equipment/biomorphs will give us a lot of flexibility in both of those areas, but it can only do so much.

For now I’d like to stick to the discounted units (and I believe I’ve mentioned them all). Once we’ve gotten a feel for what we like we can worry about variety and there's an excellent hobby story nearby where we can get such things. :)
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Actually, my next step was to get another Macragge set, you get now about 20 marines and alot of gaunts and some stealers. Get an HQ for each (SM - a chappy, Nids - Some Warriors) and you're good to go. Try playing soem games with assumed synapse (meaning you've got synapse at all times) with what you've got for some practice. My wife and I have made it a bit of a competition to see who can do the most with the least (alla BattleTech Clan Bidding). Just remember, Have Fun.

Good Hunting.
Maybe you should get her 2 Land Speeder Tornados. They will absoluly rape you, and they are very effective units.
The Land Speeders are good, but for now, concentrate on infantry, especially if the game is fairly new to you. Also play through the Macragge scenarios, and look online at the Macragge website for ideas on expansion.

Also, from personal experience: Don't play soft, she'll know it. Better for her to teach, or learn, the rules even better than you. Switch armies also, so you each have an idea of what you can play.

Okay, enough from the annoying poster (thats me :) ). Have fun.
Buy it all!!! ;) :rolleyes: heh, seriously though, just get more troop choices in. Once you have the basic 2 troops, 1 HQ prereq, then go for more fancy units like LST's and such.
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