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The Blood Kiss

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Fluff wise:

1. Does the victim have to be injured/dying or can it be used when they are at full strength?

2. Does the victim have to agree too it or can they be given it against there own free will?

3. And if they do have to be injured or almost dying do they get up straight away or how long does it take for them to get up?

Thanks in advance.;) :rolleyes:
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Well the only problem with them being at full strength (this answers the second bit too) is that they'd struggle like all hell and the vampire might have a very hard, if not impossible, time trying to do it without injuring them first. Their will is of little importance, as to the third bit.. I'm not really sure. My guess is since undead in WHFB seem to be magically moving then the magic would indeed allow them to get up straight away. And even if it didn't, Invocation of Nehek. ;)
the way i under stand it you have to be colose to death but thats prity easy for a vampire to do it dose not matter if there willing or not and i heard they will rise the next night
yeah if they are weak then I think it is ideal for the vampir to tun them then but if the subject is willing then I think they caould turn them whenever.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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