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The Chess Clan!

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All chessplayers round here, I'd like to start a clan to represent us where we can chat about openings and stuff!

Hopefully there may even be a grandmaster around here...

Please don't criticize this thread anyone, chess is actually very popular!
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Well I play chess, but no one else in this area does so I'm limited to the very occaisional game.

As to how to make this a viable thread, I'll throw out a few ideas.

1. Provide links to an online chess program so member can play each other.

2. Discuss chess matters like all the other chess forums on the web.

3. Come up with 'chess themed' 40K and WH Fantasy armies. (Just a thought.)

Good luck with it.

P.S. Your avatar is actually rather creepy. Kudos!

The giant glasses create the superficial illusion(to me at least) that I'm looking at a human.

A deranged, mad scientist's lab assistant human.
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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