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The Chess Clan!

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All chessplayers round here, I'd like to start a clan to represent us where we can chat about openings and stuff!

Hopefully there may even be a grandmaster around here...

Please don't criticize this thread anyone, chess is actually very popular!
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The_Outsider said:
Chess is popular but i'm sure there are whole boards dedicated to it.

To be perfectly honest I don't think you will generate that much interest here.

Chess vs warhammer = boltgun to queen 4
You may be right actually, but there are other clans like this...

If a mod thinks that is should be cancelled I don't really have a problem, I just though that it may be a good idea...
Well done for becoming a mod, I never realised you were - well, you got a lot of rep quickly and put good content into messages! As you're a mod and want me to change my avatar just tell me, I have no problem. It is actually Vespero from Dogs of War, the eyes are just his war mask.

There is chess on MSN, you can play it there but will have to register so that we know who you are!

Somebody suggested using Warhammer models for chess games but the thread was closed, I don't know why! Maybe it was a bit of a wrong idea for inclusion in warhammer, we're supposed to be thinking about Warhammer here. About the chess themed army all I can think of are white and black painted models and lots of knights but that doesn't actually sound that good.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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