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The Chronicles of the XXXI Steel Ghosts

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Sorry I didnt post in my original thread, it got bogged down by scientific questions. If you wanna read about the 31st of Koth go here:
you know the drill...

>>>Battle of Trechamov VII, Day 9, Hour 22:

>The sound of all the massed vehicles was a roaring groan that crawled through the massive hive. Vassili figured the entire Arkus legion must be mobilised off their flag ship, "Cleanser". He always knew he carried a heavy burden in being their commander, but he never actually realised how many of them there were. He recalled the day of the legions forming, when the hundreds of forge workers threw down their tools and rushed into the streets to join the 31st regiment of Koth's recruitment march. He compared those young, unsure men that were so willing to explore the world outside of their towering forge cities to the battle hardened warriors that wanted nothing more than a safe return home they were now.

>How could he blame them? When the Imperium constantly sent them on spearheads to gain new territory for the Emperor. Too many men under his command had died gaining glory for someone so far away. In comparison, he was one of the best legion commanders of his time. Loosing minimum casualties whenever possible, his great effort could be seen clearly. As class XV-7 chimeras filled the streets moving at rapid speeds towards the main lines, most of them carrying another squad of the 31st on top of them.

>At long last the navigating and unclear vox transmissions paid off. The roar of familiar guns started growing louder. He heard his squad below playfully naming off ones that they new to lighten the already dark mood. Then their transport turned a corner around one particularily devastated building and they're real situation played out before him. Two huge masses, almost indescernable except for their tattered banners that waved above them. The larger of the two masses was directly in front of him, bearing the symbol of the 96th Guards of Koth, an unworthy name for a regiment that had never set foot on the planet they were named after. The smaller of the two, bearing the symbols of some chaos legion, he could not tell which one due to the fact that they were to far away and that all the sharpshooters of the Guard had taken pleasure in putting holes in the chaotic standards.

>"Well boys, looks like this is where we get off." Vassili managed to say without too much of a grimace.

>After a few complaints from his soldiers the entire squad was assembled and moving quickly towards the chain of cammand to receive orders. He glanced back just long enough to see the chimera fire off it's Hunter Killer Missile. Although he could not tell any difference in the chaos tide, he was sure it stuck home against one of them. How could it not?
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I´m liking the Steel ghosts more and more man.

I could complain about a wording or two but who cares about meaningless detail. Great stuff you got there
I sort of liked your previous fluff too.. But this is a very nice, well written bit of narrative.

Why are the chaos masses smaller? Chaos armies are generally enormous.. Unless of course they're chaos marines, in which case, they're unlikely to be lining up for a big head on scrap with the Imperial guard... Remember, chaos marines have great difficulty making more of themselves. They're not going to waste time charging an entire IG regiment.. Leave that to their endless tides of mutant lackeys. ;)

Chaos marines in the fluff are also hard as nails though, unlike their tabletop equivallents.
Dude this is sweet hope you keep writing it becauseit is really good keep up the good work.
Thanks guys. To reply to your post mantis, this chaos army is a bunch of yes, mutant lackeys, led by a small force of chaos marines. so in theory, it would be bigger than the IG army defending, buuuut...then entire moon of Trechamov VII is a gigantic hive city. Almost all the men in the hive are in the Imperial Army. So in game terms, The Guards of Koth are just hundreds of thousands, if not millions of conscripts. Its a big army, even if the actaul guys arent that good.

Besides, the Steel Ghosts deployed on the opposite side of the moon to avoid the naval battle on the other side. So how would they even know about the chaos dropships that are still tangled with the IG navy.;)

and yes, more is going to come, Ive just been busy.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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