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I've been debating with myself about this for quite a long time. I've finally come to a conclusion of what I should do.

In my mind, this clan has gone through many names and phases. Mostly what I should do with it that would make people want to join.

It can't be about armies, because I've never truly finished one. It can't be about cool things, mainly because alot of people think different things are cool, so not everyone could join The Clan.

When I came to my senses, I realized that it really shouldn't be about 'anything', but instead, about everything.

It's not your average clan. It doesn't hold to one conversation about Cars, Orks, or Paintball. It doesn't really matter.

Anyone can join, no matter who you are or what you do.

That's the best part of the clan, no one will be rejected. So no one will feel left out.

There's no reason to say why you want to join the clan, just say your joining it and I'll add you to the roster.

When you join, please adhere to the Board Rules - though. That's not my thoughts, but it's LO's. We have to expect what the head honcho's say.

GamesmasterZ - Andrew
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