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The C'tan

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Am i rigth in thinking that 4 c'tan survived and that two are currntly active? One is night bringer , 1 is deciever, 1 is dragon(i think) but i cant remember the other one.
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Its me!, but seriously, the last c'tan is the Outsider. He is trapped in a dyson sphere under the galactic plane.

He went insane after eating some on the other c'tan. I believe that the heretic tech abbot Corteswain has seen the Outsiders domain and was cast back beacuse of the mechanical parts he had on his body.

One of the tyranid fleets have actually completely avoided the sphere as they are striking from below the galatcic plane.
Lol i always thought he was hiding in the forum :p thanks for the reply. Dragon is the one who the humans think is the machine god isnt he. But is he just sleeping or something or trapped like the outsider?

i hope GW make some rules for them becuase it would be a change form the two in the codex.
The Void Dragon is sleeping on mars, home of the adeptus mechanicus. It is a bit 50/50 wether he is the actual machine god or not. It is said that the basis for the STCs (standard template constructs) came from him. The first settlers on mars managed to keep him sleeping to stop him destroying everything.
do you know how they kept him sleeping. But surely the emperor must have known about him. But if the STC's came form him surely they must be able to get new ones since they were lost/destroted in the heresy.
Nothing to my knowledge has been written. As for the technology thing, this was before the great crusade, it may even be before the dark age of technology (which would make sense).

The emporer may/may not know about the c'tan, even if he did he would not of been able to beat him if the dragon was awake.

The whole c'tan are a mystery, only the Nightbringer and Deciever have anything really written about them. The dragon has a little and the Outsider has next to nothing, what I have said is practically it.

Hope this helps.
Thanks alot outsider. Im not to sure that the dragon could beat the emperor because spells are anthema to them and the emperor was a very gifted psyker. Thanks again for all the info.
As agreed there are 4 C'tan (or Yngir if you want the Eldar word) still in existance.

The Nightbringer/Kaelis Ra who's story we all know from the Codex.

The Deceiver, who again we know from the Codex.

Then there is the Outsider. The Outsider fought with the Eldar Laughing God, who tricked it into devouring it's companions. The shards of it's companions remained bound to it, torturing it and driving it insane. Eventually it went into exile aboard it's Dyson Sphere, but the Eldar whisper one day it will return to reap a horrible vengeance upon them.

Finally there is the Void-Dragon. The Void Dragon was also one of the most powerful of the C'tan, with power nearly rivalling that of the Nightbringer. It's servants could apparently channel lightning and were nearly invincible, killing hundreds of Eldar each. The Talismens of Vaul (Blackstone fortresses) and Wraithguard/lords were originally weapons designed by the Eldar to fight that particular threat.

The tomb of the Void-Dragon is known to be on Mars, under the Noctis Labyrinthus mine workings. After the Mars incident the area was declared off-limits, though it is unknown if the Imperium knows exactly what is down there. A rogue group of heretical Adeptus Mechanicus view the Void-Dragon as the true machine god, instead of the Emperor (the Emperor is viewed as the Omissiah due to the divinity of the knowledge he carries. However these group of AD feel that the C'tan is actually their true machine god) and seek to locate his resting place and awake him.

A couple of handy links for you:

Eldar Mythology of the Necrons
General Necron Fluff <-- Mostly official articles, but some are pretty old. Read the Mars incident one.
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Yeah I knd of forgot about the whole warp=bad thing for the c'tan, in a straight fight noone can beat a c'tan.

No worries, i'm here to help.
Thanks for the links addoran. also tho when you said "one day it will return to reap a horrible vengeance upon them." i was wondering who them was. The Deciever and its followers or the rest of the universe?
'Them' is the eldar, the Eldar and chaos are the first things on the c'tans hit list, then the galaxy will burn...
Thanks. I also checked out those links which were good. You and addoran mentioned about a dyson sphere and i was wondering whehter it waslike a space version of a stsis tomb?
Not quite, the principal behind a dyson sphere is to build a structure that can harness the power of a star. The most easily understandable principal (as it gets really complicated) is to build a giant sphere around the said star, this would give (for all intents and purposes) you an unlimited power source.
Thanks. So the outsider lives in this sphere which sustains him and keeps away intruders, to put it simply.Was his mind to far gone for him to enter a stasis pyramid or something like that? Or were all his followers were destroyed like the void dragon's?
All C'tan forsoke any followers(save the necrons) when they went into stasis. The outsider is no different, however all of the c'tan have started to collect new following now that they are awake/awakeneing. The Outsider is insane, but he's not a vegetable. See he's insane in the evil sort of way, but he still has plans of his own and goals to reach. The differnce with him is that he is a lot harder to understand than the other c'tan, and he makes a hobby of screwing with people to the uttermost limits.
I believe he went there himself to endure the insanity that is engulfing him though i'm not sure, the Eldar may have trapped him but I could be wrong.

As for followers, I know nothing about them, they probably went insane as he imposed his will on them (like the nightbringer, those that stayed around him ended up going into murderous rampages as the nightbringer's will was imposed on them).

There is just so little done, my knowledge comes from trawling through the net trying to find out everything (I was really curious).
Thanks for the info. Do you think the outsider will begin to arise from its sphere or if there are idiotic people who will try to free it like thos adepts who want to free the void dragon. I think it would be cool tho if all 4 of the c'tan were active because you could have like an arena or something where they all face off against each other.

GW should at least make rules for them tho. I imagin that there staline would be similar to the two in the book but with different special rules.

For instance the void dragon could make each machine role on a damage table at the beginning of the battle.

The outsider could have split personalities where you would role a die each turn for him and that would determine his personality. Each personality would then have a differing effect that would change the outsiders playing style for that turn.

What do you think of these ideas?
Sounds good, if GW made any rules for them they would only be experimental. If the necrons had a choice from up to 4 c'tan they would own. Anyway, the locations of the Void Dragon and the Outsider mean it would be really hard for them (in the fluff) to be written into the game.

Don't forget though, its only a matter of time before the red harvest begins again....
It wouldnt be that hard for the outsider because he's just living in a star but for the void dragon it would be. There really wouldnt be a very cridible story line to explain the void dragon awakening.
D1storter said:
Thanks for the links addoran. also tho when you said "one day it will return to reap a horrible vengeance upon them." i was wondering who them was. The Deciever and its followers or the rest of the universe?
No, I was referring to the Eldar/The Harlequins.

I hope you aren't falling into the old Deceiver = The Laughing God fallacy there, cause I can assure they are two completely different entities.
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