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The Dark Sons
Legion of Chaos Space Marines

Perhaps as young as two thousand years old, The Dark Sons legion of chaos space marines have made their presence felt in nearly every corner of the galaxy, whether their intended knows it or not.
Not true chaos worshippers but still declared excommunicate tratoris all the same. The Dark Sons history of operating well away from the strictures of Codex Astartes had been well documented by those in the Inquisition with reason to do so. About one thousand years before their abandonment of the Imperium The Dark Sons operating from their then fledgling terraformed planet of Maresh had orders to intercept an unknown pattern space hulk that had just drifted from the heart of the Maelstrom.

The sheer size of the hulk necessitated half of the chapter to investigate, a much larger force then is ever normally called upon for such duties. With docking umbilicals in place the Dark Sons battle cruisers resembled nothing more then parasites attached to the large docile food animals that had been brought onto Maresh during the latter stages of it's terraforming. Brother Captain Pious of the 1st company was first to step aboard. As he stepped through the umbilical into the vastness that was obviously the main portside access tunnel, his weathered face showed the emotion of surprise for the first time in perhaps one hundred years. The sheer size of it seemed much larger then should seem possible, almost as if the inside of the ship somehow defied material law to be larger then the outside if that were somehow possible. " Everybody on guard, spread out, attack pattern tertius. " Came Brother Captain Pious's voice through the comm.

" Let us pray to the Emperor, that if there's anything on this ship we find it before it finds us..."
Pious caught himself before saying anymore, shocked by the words that came out of his own mouth clear and tainted with a nervous tinge that has not place coming out of the mouth of the Captain of a company of Terminators, Not to mention the five hundred men he had under his command.
" All second company squads in place, awaiting further instruction "
Came the call from Brother Captain Ulysses of the Second Company. A call soon echoed by companies three through five.
" Everyone stay alert, report anything to me, no matter how seemly insignificant immediately! "
Stated Pious now concerned that his command reflected his sudden growing feeling of dissent he felt towards the Imperium's cruel dictates.

" Brother Captain Pious! "
Came a call with a true sense of urgency
" You need to see this "

Pious stepped into the room to which he was summoned, a theatre in all appearances, except for the scale, which seemed too gargantuan to be real.
Veteran Sargent Talis stood there with half of the 4th company, Brother Captain Pious and his immediate bodyguard took in the scene. Talis and his men stood there bolters hanging slack by their sides, staring into nothingness, had not even recognised the arrival of Pious and his men, an extreme breach of protocol and what’s more, extremely dangerous in a zone that has not yet been declared safe. " Veteran Sargent Talis! " Shouted Pious angry at the continuing disrespect shown to him by half of the 4th company. No reply was forthcoming except in unison fifty black power armoured arms raised to point at a vidpict screen that Pious swears had not been there but a mere moment ago.

" We must let Master Lexandro know about this "

The call was received in the early hours of the morning by the telepathica adepts in Mareshon, Maresh's largest city and host to the largest of the Dark Sons recruitment camps, The Adept sprinted as fast as he could out of the main telepathica building into the chill morning air. The red tendrils of light pouring from Maresh's rising sun stung his eyes, He tripped and stumbled but quickly regained his footing, as he reached the palace gates two marines quickly stepped out to stop him, The marines were curious to see why this adept had risked his life by rushing to the gates like that, and even more intrigued by his obviously enraptured state.
Between gasps the adept spat out what sounded like " they're still alive "
The Marines sudden animation was something to behold, one of the marines grabbed the adept by the hand and starting running, the adept clearly struggling to keep up, almost ended up being dragged the last few hundred yards, the ecstatic marine oblivious to his discomfort.

The Doors to Lexandros private chambers were slammed open by the marine. In a fluid motion Lexandro chapter master of The Dark Sons spun and levelled the barrel of his mastercrafted plasma pistol at the marines head. " What is the meaning of this!? " Demanded Lexandro. Wanting to know why his privacy was interrupted without his consent, the two Terminator bodyguards standing at Lexandros doors peered around almost like children who have just disobeyed a harsh but fair parent.
" Well?, Explain your actions "
The adept was on his knees recovering from his space marine speed sprint through the palace.

" Lord Lexandro " said the adept breathing hard and licking his dry lips
" Your lost sons....well....they're alive sir! " said the adept now smiling from ear to ear.
Lexandro upon hearing the news could not believe it, at first he went to walk to his viewing window, the only luxury he allowed himself since half of his chapter had disappeared more then two hundred years previously, then stopped he turned and lifted the adept like an exuberant father would to his new born son.
" Sir!? " said the adept his voice barely audible
" I have a recording from Brother Captain Pious "
" Then quickly, lets us waste no more time " enthused Lexandro.

A small vidpict screen blinked to life as the adept inserted the data tile.
The Face of Brother Captain Pious flashed onto the screen.
" Lord Lexandro " it started
" We have intercepted the adrift hulk as commanded, and have secured as much as sixty percent of the vessel, however..." as the voice trailed off Lexandro could see something almost unbelievable to his centuries old eyes.
Subtlety as first and then more apparent. Greaves and scrimshawing that screamed in torment started to form across Pious's armour. Lexandro looked at those who shared the room with him, none of them had seemed to notice the blasphemy taking place in front of them. Something had brought his attention back to what Pious was saying just as he finished talking.
" and my Lord the requests an audience with you"

From the Inquisitions point of view the Dark sons suffered a terrible tragedy about 567 m40. Fully half of the chapter disappeared while on a routine search and salvage operation of a space hulk about 8 light years out of the maelstrom. From what scattered information inquisitors have put together. Approximately two hundred years after, contact was made between the once missing companies and the chapter which was now back up to full strength ( Inq File. 756332938-988-765 )
It is thought the Chapter-Master went to meet Pious, his oldest friend. When Lexandro left he also took with him the newly formed 1st to 5th companies. ( why this was done especially after the previous loss is a much speculated topic ) and within 100 years the rest of the chapter and its retainers along with most of the population of Maresh was thought to have been relocated to the ship which seemed to be the chapters new base of operations. When the Imperium gives one of its planets to someone for care taking it expects that person to do all in their ability to defend it and make sure it stays within the Imperiums fold. The abandonment of Maresh was seen as an insult and what was worse began to fall to the trepidations of the Orks and Dark Eldar.

The High Lords of Terra demanded an agent from the Officio Assasinorium be sent to find out what had happened to the Dark Sons Master. A rightly feared Callidus agent by the name of M'shen was sent. It is known that M'shen made it onboard the ship, which had not moved in centuries. But after that most of what happened was expunged from records. M'shens head was found in the Grand Plaza of the Emperors palace on Terra, how it got there is not known, and in systems for a few thousand light years in every direction from the ship Callidus temples were inexplicably levelled by internal charges with a death rate of near 99%. The garbled ramblings of a survivor from a blast of a temple on Delis Primarius stated " Black power armoured figures were seen pouring, seemingly from shadows only moments before the attack, armour was a ghostly black with absolutely no iconography to give away who their fealty is sworn to, They warned those who could be considered innocent, taking a few of them with them before the explosions rang out. "

This was all the Evidence the High Lords needed, The Dark Sons were declared Excommunicate Traitoris, and ordered to be exterminated with extreme prejudice, however when the attack fleet showed to destroy the rogue ship and it's captain it had disappeared not to be seen again for close to three hundred years. The Dark Sons are a strange enemy at best, nether openly hostile towards the Imperium not one of it's defenders, The often contradictory nature of their raids seems to support the fact that the Dark Sons will fight to protect the civilian population of the Imperium but will not suffer its armed forces often destroying only what’s necessary to stop a force but not annihilate it totally, Although one readily recognised incident of the Dark Sons coming to the Imperiums aid was recently during the Third War for Armageddon, were they fought side by side with chapters before disappearing as mysteriously as they showed up.

Anyway that'll do for now, hope you all like it.
I left it very open ended with a lot of unfinished questions just to get you thinking ( and it'll allow me to come back and flesh them out a bit more )
So next time I'll do more about what happened on the ship and those 200 missing years and then get more into battle field doctrine and the likes.
An eventually photos of some of the characters mentioned

Peace out

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I'm working on it but I don't have much spare time, I work 46 hours a week, I have capoeira three times a week, portuguese three times a week, percussion lessons twice a week I want to start Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I need down time just to chill. But I have started and I've got lots of cool ideas ( well I think so anyway ) and then after EoT I'm going to write another piece of fluff about thier involvment in the campain.

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Ahh fond memories of that one. yeah I should incoperate that because they differ so much from the rest of my army, and Ill probly chuck something in about furys too.
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