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the fay enchantress questions

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I had a couple of questions concerning the fay enchantress.

first, what size base dose she have? I was thinking of doing a conversion of a regular mounted damsel.


does anyone think she is worth her points? I've used her and she seems to be the only way to make bretonnians really effective in magic. but at 545 points its a big use of points.
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The Enchantress herself is an Elf, so a 20mm base. But her Unicorn is on a bigger base. Can't remember if it's 40mm or 50mm.
Well I thought she was ho hum for a bit then I felt really bad for doing so when my long time lizardman playing friend happend to get ahold of my book and flip to her. What followed was a sad litany of envy and curses! When the Slann master thinks shes too good then she probably is better than you originally thought. But really she is amazing. I'm not sure anybody gets such a high natural bonus to casting a school of magic (other than 1st, 2nd generation slann who of course get that whole die, which could still not be more heh) I'm a bit obsessive compulsive so the fact that she gives MR and her mount does too sort of annoyed me. I never understood the lady's champion ability since it seems like you should be able to pick a character for it also or instead. Other than that the rest of her abilities are top notch !
Morathi has +2 to to Cast, though the Dark Lore's casting values aren't as low as Life's.

Kroak also has +2 to cast AND Dispel AND the extra dice of the 2nd. Gen Slann. That's power ^^

Other than those, I can't really think of a spellcaster with +2 to to Cast in this game.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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