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After posting this in the compleatly wrong forum I'v decided that posting while half asleep is perhaps less then intelligent ;)
I again say i'm sorry :(

Anyways, here it is. (In its proper forum)

Aratoa swung around to face his attackers, preparing himself for the onrushing Dark Eldar Lord and his one remaining incubi, without a thought he took a step forward and braced himself against the charge.

The Incubi came first, his blades slashing almost faster then Aratoa could see but he parried them all and with a backswing of his Nemesis Force Sword cleaved the vile creature in twain, with less then a second to rest the Leader of these vile creatures attacked, even faster then the one before he slashed at Aratoa's most vulnerable spots.
Aratoa wasn't fast enough, almost, he did parry most of the attacks and was able to shift enough during the fight that the Lord's blades missed their intended spots, instead impacting upon the thickest armour of his suit.

Aratoa smiled then, although his helm hid it from his opponent, it was his turn now and he lunged at the Lord of the Vile Dark Eldar and was met head on but it was no use, Aratoa's blade stuck three times, severing limbs and with the final blow he sent forth a blast of pure psykic energy through his blade, incinerating the Lord compleatly.

Quickly, he searched the nearby forest for the squad of Grey Knights that had accompanied him, but even the brave Moses, the Justicar of the group had died in the withering fire of the Dark Eldar.
He could feel something now, a deep hatred and rage building within him for those who did this, these vile creatures who delighted in the pain of everyone including themselves, these vile creatures that would fight alongside Chaos.. but he quickly repressed it, it was one of the Six hundred and Sixty six sins that a Grey Knight must contain to stave of the deamons of chaos but these vile creatures must be purged for the good of the Emperor.

"Lle ume quel" he spoke quietly, gazing at their bodies of his slain brothers, he noticed one was gone and could hear the faint footsteps of a retreating soldier, the Incinerater of the squad he knew, He was the newest recruit and perhaps it seemed, wasn't able to handle the true horror of battle, He would have to deal with him after this battle was done.

Aratoa shook his head hard, with that moments rest, he brought his attention back to the battle at hand, none of the aliens were close to him but the edge of the forest was and the attack had come from there.
He walked forward to the edge of the forest and saw them, no less then a dozen of them marching towards the remaining squad of Grey Knights, seemingly confidant that their leader had taken care of the remaining fighters in the Jungle.

Aratoa almost laughed aloud and With a crooked grin he stepped out of the jungle, the servos of his pitch black suit of Terminator armour hummed quietly, the purity seals attached to his arms and body flapped in a wind he couldn't feel.
With three long strides he walked until he stood right infront of the Dark Eldar troops and although he could not see their concealed faces, he could tell by the way they moved that they were startled but not frightened.. yet.

With his grin holding the entire time Aratoa lifted his arm and with it the Psycannon built into it and fired, droping three of them right then, followed with him rushing the sword distance, his blade almost a blur of firey red and orange as he cut them down in droves, all their desprate fire and pitiful attempts to fight him were cut down quickly,for this was an attack fueled by rage and a thirst for revenge after he had seen his brave brothers cut down by these cowards.

He stopped after a few mere moments of fighting, the three remaining standing just out of sword reach and waited, if they ran he would cut them down like the cowards they are with his Psycannon, but here he gave them a chance to die with a tiny amount of honour.

They chose to attack, all three attacking at once, the bayonets of their rifles gleamed softly in the light as they did.
And all were stopped, Aratoa's blade cleaving through the rifles, disarming them as they lunged and with a single backstroke he cleaved them all in two...

Aratoa stood there for a moment, gazing down upon the dismembered Dark Eldar before looking up into the sky to utter a prayer to the Emperor, he then looked about himself seeking out more of the enemy but there were none.
All around him he saw the bodies of the slain creatures were all about him and felt for a moment a sense of satisfaction before he suppressed that emotion as well.

Off in the distance the remaining squad of his Grey Knights approached at a running pace, but alas all they would find is their Grand Master, his black armour soaked in the blood of the slain and many bodies of the ones from which the blood had poured.
Adam "Aratoa"
Grand Master of the Astalderea.

This is the ending of a battle I was having with a Dark Eldar friend of mine, it was also Aratoa's first battle in which he had to prove himself, and prove himself he did!

EDIT: Ah jeez Slai, your making me edit it so it actually makes sense now :p
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