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Hello all,

I thought I would take up a new project to expand my knowledge of all of the fantasy armies in this wide and varied game we all play, and to spread around what experience I have to more potential players.

The basis of this thread is quite simple. Please post your requests in this thread with the following format:

Army Requested:
Points Total of Army:
Special Requests: (Such as theme's, models that must be used etc)

Please note that I am occasionally busy at work, so please leave up to a week for a response. All the lists will be posted here, with links to the posts, so that they can be read and used by anyone.

I hope you all enjoy anything I design, and any feedback is appreciated

ninja out

Designed lists:

Sir Theobold the Lame - 1000pts High Elves
Sir Theobold the Lame - Vampire Counts 1000pts VAMPIRE Heavy
fetfet - Skaven 1000pts
Phoenix - 2 different 2000pt Tomb King lists.
ArchonFarseerGuy - 2 Empire lists
MrPeaBuddy - Lizardmen 2000pts Magic Heavy
Jim TKand - 2250pts Tomb King Army, Model dependant
FetFet - 1000pts Wood Elf Skirmishers
stratovarian - 3000pts High Elves, Teclis and Tyrion list
Corbechev - 2250pt Vampire Count list
mistabrainslappa - 2000pts Dark Elves
mistabrainslappa - 2000pts Brettonians
NecroNid - 2000 WoC army list (Kholek)
war of fantasy - 2200pts Daemons list (Nurgle Magic)
Dayoh - 1000pts Tomb King mounted force
grantneodude - 1000pt and 2250pt Daemons lists
redrobot - Chaos Dwarves 500pts
alexrules350 - 2 Goblin lists
Xavier2112 - Warrior of Chaos, 2000pts - Model Restrictions
M3th0 - 2000pt WoC Khorne List
Apachetear - 2500pt Dwarves, no gunpowder!!
Kamikaza - 2500pts BoC all chariot list
Daelrog - 2250pts WoC list full of slaaneshi nutters......
TwoHats - 2000 Orcs only list
SNiPErMOnKEY - 2000pt Ghark Ironskin Ogre list
MrPeaBuddy - 2000pts Magic Heavy High Elves
Byjugo - 1000pts High Elves (Model Restrictions)
vidrian - 1000 and 1500pt Warrior of Chaos lists
gelderoth - 500pt and 1000pt Lizardman lists
thaeron - Brets and Chaos 2250pts
poypoyking - 1000pts O&G
Daelrog's Special Elves - 2250pts
Savage_Justice - 2 off 2000pt Tomb King lists
thaeron - 2 2250pt daemon lists
Byjugo - 1000pt Bretonnia list (Model Restrictions)
Fenrix - 2000pts BoC
Zarb - 750pt O&G list
Joasht - 1000pts VC and Dwarves
daelrog - Fire Elves, Version 2.0
Gedderz - Dark Elf 2000pts List
DavidWC09 - Wood Elf List (2250 )
olly911 - 1500pts Daemons (Model limitations)
WinnipegDragon - 1500pts Magic Heavy High elves (Model Restrictions)
Weiss - 2 WoC Lists
Shadowblademafia - 2000pts Unusual Lizzies
thaeron - 2 Lists vs Lizards
Sir Shadow - 2 High Elf Lists
Gladius - 5000pts Bretonnians
Vespasian - 2K Empire list
Boo - 2 Daemons lists
jamesgurney12345 - Dwarven Gunline
kingn0thing - 2000pts Gunline
Zarahemna - WoC model restrictions
wilddragon - 2000pt Dark Elves
thegreat1 - 2 1000pt lists
GraveRobber - 3 Orc and Goblin Lists
Nagash - 3000pt Tomb King list
thegreat1 - Ghoul Heavy Army
OhNoesItsThatGuy - 2 Lists
dapredator66 - 2250pts Warriors of Chaos
Zinfandel - Vampires and High Elves
kingn0thing - 2250pts Daemons (Nurgle and Khorne)
thegreat1: Dark Elves and High elves 1000pts - Model restrictions
EZeKK - Competative Empire 500 and 1000pts
girlhunter2102 - 2 500pt Warbands rule lists

Consumate professional
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Hi ninja.

A couple of fairly straight forward, low points ones for you to kick off with,

I would like the following too lists please. No special restrictions however I like balanced armies, not overly reliant on one tactic.

Therefore please would you fix it for me to have the following lists please Jim thanks.

1: High Elves
1000 points
At least 1 unit of Archers and 1 of Spears, no cavalry

2. Vampire Counts
1000 points
Vampire heavy

Thank you kindly.

Both done - enjoy ninja out

King of Librarium's Tombs
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Hmm... i have 2 requests, no rush really but im interested as to what youll do. There are some conditions involved though... ;)

1) Tomb Kings, 2 x 2000pts, one army lead by a King and the the other by a LHP.
Condition? No looking in the TK forum here, or anywhere else. Use the army book and your head only ;) I dont wana be seeing my own army list now do i?? (oh, and no checking VW lists :p)

Request no 1 is done - ninja out

2) Beasts of Chaos.. using my version of the BoC book :) When the book is ready, i will send it to you, so this task wont be completeable until then...

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Seeking two lists.

1) 2250 points of Empire, balanced, and able to hold itself in TheoryHammer.
2) A Border Patrol list (500pts, up to one character, one Special/Rare slot), also balanced, designed to complement the first list if possible.

No, what would make you think I'm too lazy to make SEED lists for a potential VW?

Job done - ninja out

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I am wanting to give this a try to see what someone else would do with my army... So here we go!

Army Requested: Tomb Kings
Points Total requested: 2250
Special Requests:
Please Use only the models i have available in this link to a maxed out army list of mine :)

but you don't have to use the item composition at all :)
thank ye for your time and if you have any questions about anything in the codex let me know and i'll get the info to you asap.

-With Shifting Sands I Bury Your Lands-

List Complete. Enjoy - ninja out

Ty much, i enjoyed the very seemingly lo-tek army design as well a variety of units within :) i'll try it out tomorrow and see what happens lol. yay lizardmen match.

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A nice fluffy challenge for you:

High Elves
3000 pts
As balanced as possible and, heres where the fluff challenge comes in, containing both the twins (teclis and Tyrion).


List done. I hope you enjoy it. It has a solid little steamroller in the Tyrion unit ;) - ninja out

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O.K. here is a little challenge for you. I would like a 2000 pt. WoC list. Conditions:
1) Led by Kholek
2) Include Throgg
3) As few humans(warriors, marauders, etc.) as possible.
4) Competitive against an average general/list(will be for casual play but I still don't like to lose).

Thanks in advance.

It is done, and I feel dirty - ninja out

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Hi Ninja,
I thought that wouldn't it be cool to have a 2.2k(this pointnumber we somehow use in our area as standard) DOC list with a Great unclean One and 3 nurgle heralds that All or as much as possible have a staff of nurgle?
This staff is the bound item that casts rancid visitation.
If you'd give the GUO and as much heralds as possible a wizard ability you'd have a really good magic fase with nurgle.
And that's not a standard nurgle ability
My problem is that building a list around this hero build is quite difficult, so maybe you could help me to make it as competive/cheesy as possible?
I'm not sure if this hero build is just too expensive to have a good army built around it but you know.... there's a chance.
Grz W.O.F. :soldier:

Done. I hope it is competative - ninja out

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This sounds like fun. I've got two lists for you Ninja.

Army: Chaos Daemons.(Daemons of chaos? Bloodletters, daemonettes, etc.)
Points: 1k and 2250
Conditions: I'm looking for mostly Khorne and Tzeentch, but would be fine with others. 1k is friendly, 2250 is more competitive.

Both lists completed - ninja out

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Two requests;both 2000pts

1)Goblins army-NO ORKS! I'd prefer if it had mostly night goblins to flood the board.

2)Goblin army again-Don't really care just need a balanced list with NO ORKS!

Thanks in advance.


Lists completed - ninja out

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Very cool! Love to see to your idea.

Army Requested: Warriors of Chaos: Going against Dark Elves, and never faced them before
Points Total of Army: 2000 pts
Special Requests: Models available are the WoC Battalion Box, a Chariot, a Hellcannon, a Giant, Trolls and any special characters

List completed - ninja out

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Hey I'm just getting into the hobby and could use some advice, I'm looking at building a Warriors of Chaos Khorne Army and my main opponent is likely to be playing an Empire Army. I'm aiming at 2000 points, I'd like to use the Khorne Chaos Lord on Juggernaut model and I'd prefer to avoid any Marauder units (unless they are to good to miss out on, I honestly don't know, I just dislike the models), pretty much everything else is fine. I'd like to stick to a proper Khorne theme, but not to a point that its going to weaken the army. Any advice would be great, thanks in advance!

List done. If you want a tactical breakdown, let me know - ninja out

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Returning to the hobby after a long break...

I'd quite like a 2500 dwarf army

with NO gunpowder, gyrocopters, flame cannons etc involved, I like my dwarves old as fashioned as possible :)

One set of old fashioned dwarves, all done - ninja out
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