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Well it has happened, I've finally caved to the demands of my inner nutjob (again), and after talking the idea over with a friend we've decided to go for ~1000 points by January.

Having taken up my interest in BFG through work done on the Crusade most of my fluff centers around I've decided to build up my fleet around the rather bloodied sub-sector defense fleet. All well and good and a great way to do things except I've hit 900 points and I'm not sure where to go with the rest of the list.

Right now I've got:
1 Mars
2 Lunars
1 Dictator
Fleet Admiral

For the last 100 or so points I've figured on one of the following courses, but I'm not sure which:
2x Firestorms and the gunnery upgrade for the Mars
3x Cobras, and possibly the gunnery upgrade depending on how the other list ends up.
3x Swords
Just bite the bullet and use a Dauntless.

My enemy will be Chaos, most likely with heavy Nurgle leanings. I'd appreciate some advice from the masters on how to close out the list, and anything else you have to say.

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Excellent another person has come over to the dark side of the forum.

Well I have absolutely no experience, but people seem to always suggest having a few escorts, and the swords look cool so I would go with those.

Good Luck with your fleet, let's see some WIP pics!

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I'm another new BFG-er too, and no experience with Imperial ships, but i'm slowly getting through the rulebooks. My advice for the last hundred points would be to upgrade your fleet Admiral to a solar Admiral, the extra two points of leadership will be very handy when rolling to reload all the ordnance from the Mars or Dictator launch bays, wherever you place him. On the other hand, sultansean is right, the Escorts do look good, and the prow lances on the Dauntless could be very handy. Oh, decisions decisions.

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Drop the Mars and get a second Dictator. Points left over should allow 5 Cobras. Yes a Mars has a Nova Cannon but the price of it! Also you will want to stand off to use the NC so the gunnery table upgrade aint as useful. Also the dictator pumps out more ordnance thanks to the torps so LD checks prove more useful. Charge in guns, torps, lances and fighters blazing! Cobras can sneak around for a nice torp run :)

LD is not as useful in small games as more ships on the table. More true against Chaos and there dirt cheap ships, they can get a BB for just 30pts more than a Mars!

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