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i enqounterd the Raptor chapter. They are a second founding chapter from the raven guard and specialyse in surgical strike and jungle warfare.

I have some questions:

-Which traits are best used for them? (i thought at "see but don't be seen" and "flesh over steel", but what other trait is best to accompany this?)
-Does anybody knows more information about them, (i only know they sat for several years on a death world)
-Any painting and moddeling tips?

i would really appreciate the help, i am still fighting over what SM chapter i would like to play, this could really help me.

again, thanks a lot


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thank you all, really
i appreciate the help.

i just have a few things i would **** to ask,

1how do you like the traits i chose (i have my reasons behind it):

see but don't be seen (well, they specialise in surgical strikes so...)

trust your battle brothers (they have been on a deathworld for years, and i figured that they would have become better at CC, and i it handu to carry a bolter in one arm rhrough the jungle while you cut with your other hand a path trhough the jungle)

flesh over steel (i don't think that a successor of the raven Guard have many verhicles, espeacially after a crash)

Or is it legimitate to swamp trust your battle brothers for "blessed be the worriors" without another disadvantage?

Do the Raptors have a home world and who was their primarch?

again thanks a lot, i am looking forward to having a green camo force on the table and to say: "theese are Raptors......:shifty: "


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i looked up in which category "blessed be the warriors" was and it is not in the same as "see but don't be seen". The only traits in combination with "see but don't be seen" are:
be swift as the wind, trust your battle brothers, cleanse and purify and never despair.

is there no other way to get "see but don't be seen" and "blessed be the warriors" without having to ad another disadvantage?

Thanks a lot

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well, i have made up my mind.

i'm going to stick to my originel idea. i don't mind that don't have tanks, i'd rater use infantry. So my traits are:
see but don't be seen
trust your battle brothers
and as disadvatage flesh over steel.
i am planning to stick my chaplain in a nice assault squad. because i have to love them, don't ya?
thanks for all the help and tips.

And eh Raptors our home world is the humid world of Cortiz Pol (apparently is is said in the game or book fireworior)

thanks for all the help

PS please check out my combat Patrol list in the army list section, thanks!)
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