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I'm back!!
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Man! Long time no post...

This was a campaign me and 3 or my friends played. I devised it (hence why it is a little half-ass) but it worked, hopefully some other people will feel like playing a similar campaign and this will help them!!

(Btw The Fi'Rios sector was reclaimed in the Name of the God-Emperor, hence the title ;) )

To be as general as possible; I started the campaign with a "ambush" style mission like the one in the current 40k rulebook. Where my friend's Eldar ambushed (and then were subsequently slaughtered by) my space marines, the Sons of the Omnissiah.

I devised a tree style campaign that was fairly in depth, all you have to do though, is pick a starting point and go from there. I designed it so that even if team x or y was down a few, they could still come back and cinch a minor victory, so it's always good (unless your playing an elimination campaign) to leave a few loop-holes for exciting come-backs!

We had four players (tau and eldar, vs. space marines and space marines), and each possibility (win, loss, win streak, loss streak) brought with it little bonuses to make the campaign a little more interesting. This is where you really get to use your imagination. For example, the second battle (if our side won the first that is, which we did) was a dawn of war seize ground. So the first turn was night-fight. I figured, that since our troops had theoretically (i devised the campaign tree in advance instead of ad hoc) broken through an ambush, that ment they had more time to prepare for the upcoming attack, so they would be able to roll more d6 for their night vision rolls.

It's good to pick smaller bonuses like this for the earlier battles, and bigger ones for the epic finales.

Add these little bonuses to experience, and you get some really interesting units! (I just loved when I rolled relentless for my thunderfire cannon!!!). Plus you can add/subtract these bonuses on the fly if your playing with relatively fun-loving and reasonable people.

Win/loss streaks.

These were more powerful bonuses, as they stretched across the campaign. Winners of multiple battles got points bonuses (and these, unlike mission specific bonuses, could be 'banked' for later battles). If they won 4 battles in a row, they would get d6 str 10 ap 1 orbital bombardments!

Just as win streaks were representative of one side getting the upper hand and being more and more prepared, loss streaks represented the survivors getting more and more hardened to battle. Thinks like making units fearless to represent having fought many hopeless battles, and improving the armour save of a unit by 1 (up to a max of 2+) to represent scavanged armour, et cetera.

These bonuses make the campaign very characterful. And speaking of characters, we all agreed that we would use different HQs if our current ones died. So my chapter is now 1 librarian and 1 termie chaplain short!

Also, a couple "just for fun" kill-teams near the end rounded it off nicely.

All and all what I learned from this campaign (other than thunderfire cannons are the eldar infantry's WORST NIGHTMARE of course) is that as long as you approach it with a non-anal, "i'm here for the fun of it" attitude, no matter who wins or loses, your personal 40k universe will be all the richer for it!

As-salaamu alaikum
-The God of all Machines
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