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Fluff for The Battle of Elsior

Legend has it that during the time of the Great Crusade, The Elsior System was a shining example of Humanity's achievements, not in terms of the arts and culture so beloved of the Remembrancer order, but of war. The manufactora trembled with every tank, aircraft, and Titan that passed their doorways. The Agri-Worlds were run with clockwork precision to provide precisely the amount of food the Emperor demanded of His subjects in the prosecution of the Crusade. The halls of its Strategos rang with the shouts of drill sergeants and the arguments of tactical officers as they debated the merits of writings by the likes of Guilliman, Perturabo, El'Jonson, Horus and even Russ from time to time. However, with so many records from that period lost, no one was able to explain its sudden disappearance from Imperial records and starcharts. It was as if the entire system had simply vanished from the face of the galaxy, to be replaced by a warp storm the likes of which few at the time had seen. Until today. The storm parts, and the truth must be revealed. For good. Or for ill.

Planet Description

Shonas: A planet on the galactic fringe with a very long orbit. Although far from the sun, the trace atmosphere means that the majority of its surface is a barren desert with a few mining outposts but no other assets worth mentioning. The orbital path of Elsior VII, however, does not pass very far from a series of listening posts and relay stations that ring the system and presumably provided an early warning against any potential invaders.

Falvask: Imperial records show that Falvask was a Death World where, according to local legend, the winds were alive and tore at anything with warmth that tried to intrude upon its surface. Orbital imagery shows that several attempts were made to establish refineries for ore processing but none of these appear to have survived even before the outbreak of the Great Heresy. With another, more habitable, planet just as close to the asteroid belt as Falvask it is safe to assume that it was more cost-effective to continue operations from there.

Rhoma: Despite being wracked by bizarre purple-coloured storms, Rhoma appears to have structures of a density suggesting a hive world or equivalent. The three moons surrounding it show signs of industrialisation and several colonies dot their surfaces.

Noenne Major: A planet covered almost entirely by water and with a ring phenomenon similar to that of Saturn. No one can say for sure what purpose such a world might have had beyond being an incredibly abundant source of fish and water. Strange signals have been broadcast from Noenne Major's general area across all Imperial frequencies. They seem to alternate between general distress calls in High Gothic and gibberish that no Imperial linguistics officers have been able to decipher. It may be a dead dialect of the Elsior system or it may simply be that the operator is speaking in tongues. No one can say.

Noenne Minor: Much of what little is known about Noenne Minor is legend. Imperial archives claim that it is a shrine world dedicated to the Emperor in the earliest days of the Great Crusade and was therefore a site of great spiritual significance across the sector. When the Warp Storm came, legend has it that many relics were lost and the pilgrimages ceased altogether. On the other hand, no records of hymns or rituals honoring the Emperor or local saints can be found even in the archives of neighbouring systems.

Fortinth: The supposed site of the Fortinth Strategium, an academy of strategic studies that achieved considerable renown for its openness to many different philosophies of warfare. As well as the teachings of more orthodox thinkers like Guilliman and Perturabo, academics of the day were said to discuss the proper place in the Crusade for unconventional thinkers like Leman Russ who might be considered heretical were it not for their unquestionable loyalty to the Imperium. The planet also seems to have served as a mustering ground for regiments of the Imperial Army drawn from this system before they were shipped off to fight in the Emperor's name.

Elsior: Not much is known about this planet. At the current time, it's not even located on the map...Now why is that?

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