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The saga of Armod the Cursed
The tale of The Cursed one began just as the story of countless other brave Fenrisian warriors seeking to join the wolves in the sky began. Armod was a warrior known for his skill on the hunt and indeed many a prey fell to his spear and axe. It was during one such hunt that as his small party tracked a wounded Ice Elk upon the slopes of a great mountain that an avalanche overtook him and his fellows; Armod alone clawed his way free from the snow and traveled back to his village, hearing of this deed Wolf Priest Thorgrim The Black sought out this lone survivor so that he may be raised amongst the gods for his actions. As a part of a claw training at Russvik Armod was seen as silent and brooding by his brothers, interacting with the other aspirants only as much as he had to during combat practices and when the time finally came for his ascension to a Blood Claw many believe he was fated to be a Wolf Scout in time.

It was while on campaign against the brutal Orks invading Chandris V that Armod earned the name of The Cursed. While his squad was pinned down by enemy fire Armod, caught up in the furry of combat and unsettled to the affects of the canis helix charged forward like a berserker of old. As he charged the Orks bullets embedding themselves in his armor as his sergeants’ orders to halt were drowned out by the scream of incoming artillery. When Armod reached the enemy lines he reaped a great tally but for all the blood shed a greater blood had been lost as that day and he was the only one of his brothers to return. The commanders of the company believed this to be a mark of a hero, others whispered that Armod was cursed to walk alone and any who fought beside him were destined for a quick and bloody end.

When the war was over Armod took upon himself the oath of the Beast Slayer pledging to win a glorious death in battle in atonement for not having died beside his brothers and sergeant. One of the youngest of wolves to ever have sworn the oath Armod spent the next two hundred years hunting warzones for the greatest foes and the mightiest monsters. Each time he entered the fray it was with his brothers names on his lips and blade in hand, and when the dust settled and the flames died it was Armod who emerged victorious, bloody and battered but with the enemy broken. Over the years Armods’ many heroic deeds have earned him great renowned amongst the wolves of space such as the Hunting of Trasix were after flinging himself from an airborne Thunderhawk he landed amidst the endless Tyranid hordes infesting the planet, he sought out the Hive Tyrant and after a long and glorious battle he took the beasts head severing the connection of the Hive Mind and allowing his brothers to route the remaining horde. Or when the Forge World Cadmus came under siege from the traitorous Iron Warriors it was Armod who brought victory for it was he who sought the twisted monsters of Chaos and silenced the guns of the daemon engines, their owners having been shredded by well placed melta charges.

Many a time over the centuries has Armod earned a place within the Wolf Guard of the Dragonborn Great Company but believing he has not yet earned his reprieve has always refused. The greatest tragedy in the tale of The Cursed came upon the fields of Mugoru Quintus. While combating the uprising of the planets populous, Wolf Lord Halfdan Dragon Born received a distress call from a nearby moon under attack from the wretched slavers of the Dark Eldar. With the rebels of Mugoru Quintus posing little challenge Halfdan dispatched Armod to hunt down the Dark Eldar deeming that his skills would be more than enough to handle the small incursion and that if they were not then at least The Cursed one would finally meet his end. Shortly after his departure the Rune Priests fighting alongside the company sensed a change in the current of the warp and within a matter of days a massive warpstorm enveloped the planet and Halfdan in his pride would not leave those who had remained loyal to The Emperor to weather the storm of Chaos alone.

As Armod returned victorious with fresh scars and the blood of the Eldar warlord upon his axe he entered the system and immediately tried to contact his brethren, all of his hails were met with static. three months later when the investigative fleet arrived from the fang to determine why the Dragon Born company had lost contact they found a desolate world strife with mutants and heretics, alone amongst the madness fought one warrior. So covered in blood and gore was his armor that at first he was unrecognizable. After telling his tale of waiting for the storm to abate and his assent to the planets surface in search of his comrades. When he arrived he found the corpses of his battle brothers strewn upon a great monolith to the dark gods. The Great Company of Halfdan Dragon Born was lost but the war remained. Armod fought in the remainder of the war and when the campaign closed he returned to the fang.

As the last of his company Armod now serves the Great Wolf directly, he does not feast or boast tales of his deeds; he has not spoken in neigh over a century. His sole purpose now is to die bringing death to his enemies and vengeance to his brothers. Akin to a force of nature amongst the Space Wolves he is only dispatched when the Great Wolf deems the situation dangerous enough that Armod might achieve his death and find peace for his tortured soul. But the Rune priests foresee a different future for The Cursed. They believe that Armod has a great role to play at the Wolf Time. Regardless of what Russ and The Emperor have planned for Armod Nightwolf it is certain that the end which is mighty enough to slay such a man as he is an end that the entire galaxy should fear.
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