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Yes you. The person who's having trouble with the rules.

This a thread that compiles the questions that really are obvious, and are asked on a regular basis. This isn't a FAQ in the true sense, it doesn't clarify anything since these rules are already "as is" and people are just trying to make life more difficult for themselves.

Q. "I don't have my book right now."

OK, so you're at work/school or some such. Your question can't wait until you get home? We have to read the rulebook for you? Try to hold on until you can read you rulebook.

Q. "I can't find rule X in the rulebook."
Remember to read the main and army rules more than once. Read the FAQs. If you then don't find it, there's an excellent chance it doesn't exist. Some house rules become so common they 'seem' like a proper rule - bear that in mind.

Q. Are ward saves ignored by magical attacks?

Like I say above, if you can't find it, it's not a rule. Some items are ignored by magical attacks, but these are specifically listed.

Q. "What do magical attacks do?"

Magical attacks do not provide a bonus as such. Against most units they are no more damaging than mundane attacks. However, against units that are Ethereal (see Warhammer Special Rules) or are Forest Spirits (see Warhammer Armies: Wood Elves) magical attacks have further bonuses.

The general advice is that magical attacks will only have a bonus if the target unit has a special rule that says magical attacks have an effect.

Q. "My model doesn't roll for Stupidity since it's Immune to Psychology."

Please read the ItP rule. Now.

My army doesn't have an entry for Dogs of War. Does this mean I can't take them?

Note on DoW from Gav Thorpe.
There's a variety of reasons for removing the reference to DOW in the forthcoming army books, and these are the main ones:
1. The rules detailing how to include DOW in an army are included in the DOW list/ articles. Therefore if you have access to those rules you have access to how they can be added to your army.
2. We may wish to revise the way DOW work in the future, and while we continue to perpetuate the current rules for them in the army books this will be very difficult to do. Our intent is that the DOW rules, should we produce a proper supplement, will be entirely self-contained and require no references in the army books.
Neither of these are intended as a signal that we are never going to do/ immediately going to do (delete as appropriate) a Dogs of War supplement. They are simply a sort of house-cleaning procedure that leaves us clear to evaluate and pursue the correct course of action regarding Dogs of War in the future.

Taken from: Games Workshop Online Store — Dogs Of War

Basically the DoW rules haven't changed. If a DoW units says your army can have them, you can. Otherwise, no.

Q. "Can wizards wear magic or mundane armour?"

Only if they are already allowed to wear armour. See BRB pg 500.

Q. "Does a repeater bolt thrower have the multiple shots or armour piercing rules?"
You'll notice from the weapons section of the main rulebook that these rules are always spelt out as 'multiple shots x' and 'armour piercing'.

Does the RBT have those rules in its entry? No. So it's used as presented in Warhammer Armies Dark or High Elves. There are no further modifiers to the rules in those books.

Q. "When two characters fight a challenge, are they the only models who fight?

No. Remember that you should always follow what the rules say - and nowhere does it say in the challenge rules that other models in the combat don't fight (or that other bonuses do not apply). The combat is resolved as normal - think of a challenge as a sideshow to the main event.

Q. "Can I have more than one of the same common magic item? They are common, after all."

Read the magic item rules again. They say that all magic items are unique save for scrolls and power stones (and explicit exceptions). The common magic items are common to all armies, they don't keep copies!

Q. "How do I use mortals in a beasts Chaos army?"
Since the release of Daemons of Chaos and Warriors of Chaos, it is no longer possible to mix and match mortals, daemons and beasts.

Q. "In the old book it used to work like..." or "In 40k it worked like..."
On the first point, forget the previous book. Are you using it any more? No. Would you say to your new girlfriend, "My ex used to do it like..."?

I figured not. The same applies here.

On the second point - this isn't 40k. The rationale is different, so don't try to think like a 40k player when reading the warhammer rules (or indeed, vice versa).

Q. "My opponent said his unit could do X, is that true?"
Yes. His unit kills your army on 2+.

With a reroll.

Wait. Remember that army books are not secret documents - if you don't believe your opponent, ask them to show you the rule in question. This is particularly important for new players.

Q. "My codex says..."
You'll notice this isn't 40k. This is Warhammer, and we have army books.

Those with above average intelligence will have read this and been enlightened. Those below the average may well be feeling moderator wrath right now, which could have been easily avoided...
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