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I didn't know if i should post it here or in the writers corner. Its the fluff about the founding of my space marine chapter The Star Reapers told as a story. If its the wrong forum feel free to move it. Any constructive critism would be much apreceated and if anyone see major holes in it let me know. This is only the first installment and i will post the rest in easily digestiable chunks as soon as i have it written. Cheers ;)

The Sowing

Force Commander Viler gave a sharp solders salute to the icon of the Emperor and repeated the catechism of Faith as he rose from his praying mat. Turning towards the small round window in his living quarters he stretched the large bull like muscles on his back as he stared at the shining blue planet hanging in the darkness of space.
"They always look beautiful from up here" he thought to himself as he swept wisps of grey hair from his eyes and turned to the door of his quarters. Arvin III is infected, infected with the green taint of orks. The planet as with the rest of this solar system has only just been released from the grip of warp storms. The Space Marine Chapter of the Scythes of the Emperor being the nearest fighting force to the system was dispatched to re-educate the citizens after several centuries of isolation.
"Commander Viler, sir?"
Viler looked up from his thoughts and found one of the ensigns of this ship "The Star of Terra" standing at attention in front of him.
"Yes what do you want ensign?"
"I was sent sir, by the captain to summon you to the bridge sir"
"I was already on my way, but thank you"
"Very well sir, I will inform Captain Tare"
The ensign snapped off a salute and squeezed past Viler in the small corridor of the habitation deck. Viler made his way to the elevator, which would take him directly to the bridge.
Early scans of Arvin III showed one large contentint which was basically a plain except for the northern area which was covered in a mountain range with peaks rising to 5000metres.
Viler stepped into an elevator and typed in the codeword required to gain access to the bridge.
It was in this area which large concentrations of life form readings consistent with the orkid species were noted. To make matters worse the human population of the planet had regressed to a feudal state and would not be able to defend themselves when the orks attacked, as they were bound to do.
"Seems like we got here at exactly the right time." Viler muttered to himself as the doors of the elevator slid open and he stepped into the well-lit bridge.
Viler nodded to his company's chaplain Dage who turned around from a conversation with the ships navigator. Dage smiled, made his excuses to the navigator who looked only too glad that Dage was leaving and fell into step behind Viler. Dage was roughly the same age as Viler and both had fought many times together. They were both inducted to the Scythes at the same time and both were in the same scout squad. Dage had then chosen to follow the path of the chaplain while Viler had continued on his separate path to become force commander of the third company of the Scythes. Dage grimaced and rubbed his bald head as he said
"What did you make of scout squad Dascimas's report?"
Viler looked over his shoulder
"It was pretty much as I had thought, the emperor must be guiding our actions. We arrive just in time to defend the population from this treat."
"Aye it is more than faith that the orks wait till now to gather their might and attack. The emperor guides us but to what future we do not yet know" Dage made the sign of the emperors protection across his chest and nodded to the figure the two men approached.
"Was Tare given the report?"
Viler grunted, "Of course, he claims he has to know about the actions of the aliens" Dage raised an eyebrow. Viler recognising the unspoken question continued "I did not fully agree but it is safer to keep him as happy as possible while we are passengers on his ship."

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Part Five, piping hot from the oven of my mind ;)

Viler stood and faced the ramp of the thunderhawk as it gently made contact. The pilot’s voice came over the intercom
“Opening doors now commander, May the Emperor smile on you”
With a screech the front ramp of the thunderhawk began to drop, Viler looked around at the rest of his command squad and the three veteran squads lined up at his back. They looked every inch superhuman. Good Viler thought, we need to impress these people we need to show them the light of the emperor and that even though they have been separated from that light they are not forgotten.
The ramp came to rest on the wet grass and Viler strode out, the sun reflecting off the golden eagle emblazed across his chest his standard bearer unfolding the company banner and letting it whip and crack in the fresh breeze. The veteran squads disembarked from the thunderhawk in perfect unison with the squads from three other thunderhawks and created a battle line amazing in the swiftness and smoothness of its formation. From the battlements of the city they faced it must have looked impressive indeed, the boots of these metal warriors kicking up the water from the still wet grass and creating small dancing dashes of coloured light as the sun stuck the disturbed liquid.
Viler sniffed the air as he stepped to the front of the battle line closely followed by his standard bearer, Moate and the chaplain Dage. There was a smell of rain in the air just recently passed but more on the way. Dark and heavy clouds were torn by the swift wind, which still pulled at the proud banner at his back. He was taking a chance here and he knew it. This over proud display of his power left him open to attack but it was the only way to convince these people that they came from the same blood and they came to help now when the need was the greatest. A huge roar from behind signalled the departure of the thunderhawks to the depths of space and the underbelly of “The Star of Terra”. Viler could see the hundreds of people on the grey walls ahead cover their ears and duck. They have never heard a noise louder than a drum or horn raised in music for three thousand years and now they are stuck by the noise of four thunderhawks thought Viler. Many figures cowered behind the mighty walls in fear pointing at the dots disappearing into the sky.
“Their lives are never going to be the same again, in three thousand more years this day will be spoken of with great reverence as the return of their planet into the embrace of the Emperor of mankind.”
Viler turned and looked at Dage
“Aye Chaplain but I hope they will accept us now. They do not know what to expect and feel cornered. Many cornered animals prefer to fight.”
Dage’s eyebrow rose in question as if unable to understand why they should not be welcomed. But instead of putting this to voice he just nodded forward. Viler turned and caught movement around the large wooden gate embedded in the wall of the town wall.
“It looks like we are going to find out if we will be welcomed or not Commander”

Viler watched as the horses drew nearer. Several banners fluttered in the breeze, but his eyes we drawn only to the figure on the front horse. A man of mighty stature and proud bearing, his broad face was crowned with a mane of uncontrolled black hair with the grey of approaching old age appearing under the thick band of gold. The horse drew up and the men dismounted, squires leading away the mounts. The two groups of men stood a distance away from each other. Viler could see the look of wonder on many of the men’s faces. Seeing a Space Marine up close for the first time he knew was a daunting experience. He remembered when he saw Chaplain Borret for the first time; he thought it impossible that a man could grow so large and so powerful in both strength and force of will.
A nervous looking man stepped forward and in a shaky voice announced in a ancient form of Low Gothic
“The Lord of the Seven Towers of the Watch, The Watcher over the passes of Sea and Mountain and the First Founder of Settlement his highness, King Taigas.”
The man glad that his part had been played quickly stepped back and taking his place the man with the golden band around his head, his clothes were very good quality Viler noticed with delicate gold thread at the cuffs and collar. A sword hung at his belt and he held himself as if he knew how to use it. Viler was about to step forward but Dage edged in front of him.
“Commander of the Third Company of the Scythes of the Emperor Space Marine Chapter and Envoy of the holy Imperium of Man, Lord Viler”
Dage turned and shot a quick smile to Viler who was already stepping past him. Viler approached King Taigas, as he did so Taigas swept a low bow
“Lord Viler, welcome to my lands and ahhhhh…to my planet”
Viler replied with a bow of his own
“Many thanks your highness, we have come in hope of a friendly welcome and I hope we have found it”
“Our legends and ancient stories Lord Viler speak of a time when humans sailed among the stars and made many planets their own. They have spoken that in time we would be found again and that we would be welcomed back into the unity of mankind. Your arrival here today Lord Viler has confirmed and reaffirmed our beliefs”
“Then your highness I am glad, for you are welcome back to the brotherhood of mankind and the light of the holy Emperor himself.
“Then Lord Viler may I invite you back to my keep for I fear we have much to talk about, your arrival here must not be an act of chance when our enemy approaches”
Viler looked over his shoulder at the marines gathered behind him. The first drops of rain of a new shower began to fall and run in streams from the rivets of their armour. The air grew heavy and the light faded as thunderclouds covered the sun and the cracking of the banner died as the wind so strong minutes before ceased to blow from the sea. A storm approaches Viler thought
“Not an act of chance I fear my highness but an act of fate……………”

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So this is part six. I am slowing down with amount i am producing because i am in my last year in college, so there is more important stuff to be doing. Here it is anyways

Joppe revved his bike and crouched forward in his seat. As soon as the thunderhawk dropped the ramp he would be ready. Looking over his shoulder he saw the rest of his squad checking their bikes and weapon systems. Brother Yui was rubbing a loving hand over his plasma cannon checking everything was secure. Brother Yui’s cannon always worked to a fault. Never once had it overheated as happened to their previous attack bike. Joppe put it down to Yui’s almost paternal like care in applying the correct oils and prayers to appease the machines spirit.
The sound of lascannons echoed around the interior of the thunderhawk, bouncing of the metal walls and adding to the sound of revving engines and the roar of the thunderhawks retro burners. The pilot came over the squad micro bead.
“Heavy resistance Brother Joppe, be prepared for the fight of your lives. We will open the door any minute now.� “Thank you Brother Molk, we are ready�
Joppe patted the side of his bike, “Now old friend it is time once again to go to battle, you have never let me down and I know you never will�
The front hatch began to open, Joppe turned and gave a thumbs up to his squad, receiving ten thumbs in answer he turned and revved the bike up the still opening ramp. The thunderhawk was still some twenty feet from the ground, so Joppe stood in his seat as he left the ramp. Taking in the scene quickly he afforded himself a quick prayer to the Emperor. Seven Squiggoths were plodding across the vast plain, the largest easily five stories high. His enhanced eyes picking out the unmistakable figures of space marine assault squads buzzing around their massive heads attacking their eyes with bolt pistols. As he landed on the dry earth he used his knees as a shock absorbers and regained his seat.
He was already veering to the right as he heard the landing of the rest of his squad as they hit the dry dusty ground. His nearest target was one of the smaller Squiggoth. "How the feth are we meant to drop this monster" Joppe asked to no one in particular over the squad micro bead. The hushed voice of brother Yui answered him. "I have just the gun for the job brother, remember plasma cuts deep and kills deeper."
Joppe swerved underneath the towering beast, the animal's stomach forming a living ceiling above him supported by four huge columns. "Brother Yui, aim for the legs, let's try and take this beast down." The familiar swoosh of superheated plasma filled the micro bead, this was quickly followed by a low rumbling noise from far above Joppe's head. The Squiggoth's front two knees began to buckle. Joppe slammed on the breaks hard and swung hard to the right. Hitting the accelerator at the peak of the slide Joppe's bike shot out to the right of the falling animal just as it landed with a bone shuddering crash to the left.
The deep crying of the injured Squiggoth echoed from the cloud of dust thrown up by the huge weight. Joppe stopped his bike and placed his armour-clad boots on the ground, looking at the rest of his squad he pointed to the nearest Squiggoth.
"Bring down that one next, I will catch up when this one is dead."
The bikes turned as one and disappeared as a cloud of dust, towards the lumbering beast. Joppe turned to face the struggling Squiggoth, his huge legs throwing huge clouds of dust into the air. One hind leg had disappeared from the knee down and once again Joppe whispered a prayer of thanks to the emperor for Brother Yui's skill with the plasma cannon. Striding towards the head of the beast, Joppe could make out the deep brown eyes of the fallen animal. Filled with unimaginable pain the eyes still shone with hatred as they watched him approach. Flicking the power on his chainsword to maximum, Joppe brought the whirling blades down on the beast's giant neck; blood, meat and gore were thrown into the air. Once again Joppe brought the blade down and this time he cut deep enough to hit an artery. Hit by a jet of blood he was thrown several feet back into the air.
Joppe retook his seat on his bike and revved it. He gave one look at the Squiggoth and its blood pooling around its head and running in great rivers away from it. Whispering the prayer of victory, Joppe roared after the rest of the squad.

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As i say slowing down a bit due to the pressure of college. Enjoy

Viler stood on the battlements of the keep with his hands clasped behind his back as he took in the sight before him. The keep was situated on a height overlooking the whole town, to his right the sea cut deep inland to form a natural harbour. The two arms of land to either side protecting the city and shielding its gleaming walls from the worst the prevailing winds had to offer. Viler's eyes could pick out the movement of the light keeper on the point of one of the arms as he stacked wood high on the pyre which would burn all night to warn sailors. The wind had once again picked up and caused the sea to foam and rise in rough rebellion. The hundreds of fishing boats tiered in the harbour rose and fell, the creaking of timber and cracking of canvas mixing with the low murmur of voices and music seeping out of the countless harbour taverns. Moving back from the seafront well designed and wide roads led to the three large city squares, it is around these squares that the rich of Iveragh maintained their houses. Wealthy merchants selling directly from the bottom floor of their houses, while the less fortunate made do with canvas stalls or wheelbarrows. It was at these three squares where the trading of the city took place, cloth; spices, butchers, bakers and swordsmiths all jostled for the best trading spots around the centre statue of past hero's in each square.
Each square was named after the hero who inhabited it, the square to the north was overlooked by a fierce looking man, legs planted firmly on its plinth both arms raised in the air in victory, shouting at the sky in rage. A large sword in his right hand and the remnants of a shattered shield in his left, this was Garth the Liberator. A former king of the region he had united the local tribes and fought against a kingdom in the south and begin the conquest of the region and eventually most of the planet. This square was naturally enough called Liberation Square, any returning victorious armies would march to this square and be greeted by the King and people.
The middle square was presided over by an elderly man, sitting in a throne of elaborate marble. His left had drooped over the arm- rest and clasped what looked like a roll of maps. Beady eyes peered out of a face covered mostly by a huge flowing beard and intensely studied a sextet clutched in his right hand. Around his throne were scattered hammers, saws and more complex wood working instruments. This was Loran the Explorer; it was he who had first discovered methods by which to navigate by the stars at sea and designed many improvements to ship building. Loran Square was the nearest to the sea and as such was the largest fish and spice market in the town.
The final square was the closest to the keep and the castle gates opened onto the south side of it. The statue in the centre of this square was weatherworn and chipped. It was still recognisable though as a man of huge stature and power. It was not known whom this statue was of, but as legend would have it, the statue was of the man who first founded a settlement at this location. Apart from that nothing more is known of it, locals still insist that touching his right foot brings good luck, while touching his left while thinking of your enemy will bring pain and death to them. This square is called Founder Square and is surrounded by smiths and swordsmiths to service the armoury in the Kings Keep.
Viler once again followed the cobbled streets from the squares west to the walls of the city. These walls were ancient but well built and stood over forty feet high, broken every one hundred metres by a tower with large catapults sitting at the ready. In the falling dusk Viler could still make out the movement of the sentries on the walls and the dashes of yellow which signified a marine of the Scythes of the Emperor. He had the largest amount of his force deployed on the walls, the rest were formed in rapid response teams held in the streets just behind the walls. The two dreadnoughts stood in a sleepless guard on the street behind the large wooden gates set seven feet deep within the walls. The defence was planned as best as possible, there was enough food to last for several months, plentiful water from the spring which emerged from the bedrock deep within the dungeons of the keep. Even if all of these were compromised the orks had no way of stopping re-supply from the sea. Viler nodded to himself and turned to return to the throne room, behind him the pyre on the arm overlooking the harbour sparked into life.
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