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Hey biatchs , just a quick story, it’s of my character in the online RPG Blood Gold,
Santiago Ferreira, he’s a Macelodon Spyrer from the Primus hive on Necromunda.
His family….the Ferreira House are the Largest arms manufacturers on the Planet and Santiago is the planets foremost Techno-Archania expert.

This story is actually from the rpg itself, I havn’t proof read it so be gentle, also because it was spread across about five separate posts the continuity may not be there

Anyway enjoy

Also if you want to see what a Macelodon Spyrer looks like follow the link, it’s the B&W piccie in the top right corner

The spyrer stood up and glanced at Drexlar before turning dispassionatly back towards the corpse.

" Whatever it was human "

Santiago said in a clipped tone. He moved further from the corpse as it started to smoke, the acrid smells reminded him of the funeral pyres his father would take him to as a boy character. All it did was distance the boy from any emotions connected to death, and now that boy was a man it had grown into a steely reslove when it came to murder.

" Perhaps this man has become so twisted by the dark powers that they want him back "

Santaigo half joked to the steel jawed Arbite.

" Something troubles me....a single blood worshipper found in the midst of these just doesn't add up. "

The spyrer eyed the canister up and down once more before securing it on his person.

" I have a feeling things are going to get alot worse before they get better. "
The Spyrer let the Eldar woman enter the passage way first, he figured if it was booby trapped better to let a xeno die then one of the Emperors servants. After a pace or two the Spyrer jumped to the ceiling and started to stealth along is crenulated surface. Watching the Eldar make her way up the path, Santiago thought it better to explore the curious rent he had just found, as the their path split Santiago heard a crumbling noise, followed by the familiar sound of Andons voice as well as bolter fire. The further the path led the more confusing and mindbending its tunnels became, they would branch off only to rejoin the main one further along its length. Each side tunnel had countless tunnels coming of it.

Better leave some Infra trackers so I don't get lost, Santiago thought to himself.
as he made his way further into its depths he began to hear voices arguing.
As he came around a bend part of the wall gave way to become sort of a natural window in the stone structure giving view to the chamber below.

Santiago took in the scene

A Cavern at least 700 square meters, at the back closest to the Spyrer a group of cultists dressed in oestentnious blue and yellow silks argued over the right to torture a captured prisoner, further from them a group sitting down for a meal. Everywhere there were guards touting lasguns and stubber weapons, then something caught his eye. In the furtherst corner of the room the wall didn't seem
" all there " he could swear he could see movement behind it. And before to much longer two censer bearers waving the palls of noxious gases and sickly scents around appeared out of the wall in question. From behind them a platoon of bodyguards came, all of them carrying some kind of foul mutation, a mark of approval from their dread god. These cultists were better armed and equipped then the general rabble hanging around the chamber, each looked armed with purpose.

Santaigo almost let out an audible gasp as more figures stepped out from this ether wall. A sorceror, maybe eight foot tall, a pair of multihued pinions stood proudly on its back, the sorcerors features had taken on a vulture like appearence
and a nimbus of light played around its hands. On either side the Sorceror was flanked by a Massive figure in blue and gold powered armour.
" Thousand Sons "
Santiago cursed to himself.
The procession moved out of the chamber and with it all others began to follow.
The spyrer noticed for the first time a number of heavier weapons amonst their ranks.
The cultists wheeled out nearly a dozen heavy bolter tarantulas.
" So much firepower.....what are they planning? "

The spyrer thought it a good time to activate his chamoleoline, climbing down into the chamber and silently stepping over the body of the broken plaything Santiago felt along the walls until he came across the bit that the procession had come through, reluctantly he walked through.

" By the grace of the Emperor......I have to warn the others "
The Spyrer turned around to see Ace behind him

" Get the feth outta here! " he screamed

The spyrer immediatly burst into full sprint, his chamoleoline masking his presence.
He grabbed Ace by the wrist and made a powered jump back into the tunnel that led into the cavern. Streaks of las tracer rounds filled the entrance to their hiding spot.

" Damn Xeno can't you be more care.... "

He was cut off midsentence as Bruiser fire ( H Bolter ) blew fist sized chunks of rock away from the walls.

" Take Cover " he screamed at the Eldar woman, not that he needed to as she was making her way out.

" Where's Andon?....the group is about to walk into a trap " His mind racing from thought to thought.

The firing had stopped at the entrance and Santiago could now hear scrabbling sounds, he immediatly knew they were sending in teams to flush out the infiltrators
Making his way back towards the group Santiago risked a glance backwards. About 100m down the tunnel became filled with promethium fire as a flamer team tried to flush out any spys. Ace was know out of sight and hopefully back with the group warning them of what was coming.

" This is bad "
Santiago watched as the xeno woman silienced the flamer team. The hunter made his way back to the chamber that he found the cultists in, letting his team mop up any survivors. Running across the room with blades drawn, making his way toward the ether wall, he paused for a second before stepping through. A shiver ran down his spine as he did. Quitely walking around the summoning room Santiago was careful not to disturb anything unless he had to.

" Join me Santiago of Ferreira House "

The Spyrer stopped dead in his tracks, as he felt a hand pass through his body and into his mind. All round the room the eldritch runes carved into the wall began to glow with an inner light which turned into a terrible balefire. The Daemon already knew the spyrer had made up his mind and this did not please it.

The Spyrer jumped as hard as his suit would let him, as he did the stonework beneath him was transmuted into something not seen outside of the Eye. The Daemon began to coalese it's hidious vulpine form grew more real until finaly a Lord of Change stood in the same room as the spyrer. It reached out with its taloned hand to grasp the spyrer. Santaigo felt the urge to submit to its powers.

Faces appeared in its hide, they were the faces of his team mates, all telling a horrible story of degredation and cunning, each story slighty different, each story like a tendril into his mind. He tried to fight off the hypnotic suggestions, regaining him senses the Greater Daemon leered down at him.

" Augment set to time.....30 second intervals " The spyrer set his suit to augment based on time within three minutes the suit will be on level six and in a further two it would be on level ten. At that level the suit nearly controls itself, keep it up for to long and it will evetually kill its wearer from overexertion. Looking towards the fell beast a few words fell from his lips.

" Bring it on "
The Lord of Change swung it's massive staff as it rushed the Spyrer, Santaigo could barely believe such an enormous creature could be so fast and graceful.
Barely dodging the staff as it crashed to the floor, it had whipped a backswing so fast that Santiago was forced to fall to the ground to dodge it. He had no time to get up as the creature pinned him to the ground with its mighty talons, as it leaned forward its talons started to puncture his armour. It raised the staff high above its head as it let out a laughter that seemed to taunt Santiagos soul.

The Spyrer lashed out with his power blades, driving them deep into the belly of the Daemon, it only laughed as its stomach changed shape and pushed the blades out again, he swung again this time cutting deep into its leg, it lifted it and swung out with a backhand at Santiago. The Spyrer was sent across the floor into a wall, he recoiled in horror as the wounds he had inflicted began to reknit themselves.

" Augment level one "

had it been only thirty seconds already.
The Lord of Changes wounds had healed, it turned to Santiago and began to mutter words of power that hurt his ears, it reached out a single finger as long as Santiagos forearm and a bolt of energy shot forth. Managing to roll out of the way he witnessed the effects the Daemons magicks had on the statue that it had hit, The horror of it was to much to discribe and Santiago realised his attentions would be better spent on combating the foul abomination.

Both parties charged each other, the Greater Daemon lashed out a low blow meant to take Santiago out at the midsection, but the Spyrer was faster then he was but a few seconds ago. Santiago leapt clear of the blow, spinning 180 degrees in the air he trailed out his power blades and raked them down the monsters back.
Its wings let out a low groan as Santiago slashed their multihued facade, faces imposed in the wings screamed out in agony, must be the souls of the Daemons past victims he thought. Preparing to leap onto the creatures back Santaigo was caught unawares by a back kick thrown out by the Daemon. He flew backwards for some metres before hitting a wall, He felt ribs crack but was thankful for the protection his armour offered.

" Augment level two "

The spyrer grinned a wicked smile
Picking himself up off the floor Santiago watched The Daemon turned to face him, a hateful glean in it's eyes. It hurt to breathe but that was the least of the spyrers problems. Only barely regaining his footing before the Daemon was upon him yet again. It reached out a taloned hand to grab Santiago but was to slow, as the spyrer rolled under its massive frame, pushing himself into a handstand he held his weight on one hand and lashed out with the powerblades on the other. Both achilles tendons were severed and Santaigo had to leap clear to avoid being crushed by the the bulk of the Greater Daemon as it toppled backwards.

He was upon it in an instant, Slashing deep into the Daemons chest it let out a mournful howl that would have echoed in the warp he attempted a jugular blow vainly hoping that such a blow would kill the creature. But a Greater Daemon is not a normal creature. Santiago didn't get the chance to find out, the Lord of Change grabbed him by the arms and pulled them in opposite directions before kicking him up into the ceiling of the room some thirty feet above.

" Augment level three "

He rolled into a ball and pushed off the roof, a fraction of a second before he would of made impact. Flying downwards at terrifing speed he twisted his body in the air corkscrewing downwards. Even a mighty Daemon of Tzeentch didn't anticipate the dangerous coutermove. His blade found themselves deep in the belly of the beast, trying to thrust his blades in further to cause more damage he lost concentration, concentrating more on finishing the Daemon off then the combat as a whole. The Daemon leant forward and bit deep into Santiagos already wounded shoulder, the saliva of the Daemon acted as a halucinagenic as well as an acid, burning his flesh yet distracting him with visions of social revolution and change throughout the history of humankind.

Visions of rebellions, tanks columns pouring over downed razorwire fences, protests and disharmony. Tearing himself back to reality Santiago found himself also being stabbed in the stomach by its taloned hands held several feet above the ground. It let go of the spyrer as dropped him to the floor, before kicking him into another wall. Striding over it grabbed the spyrer by the leg and held him upside down. By this stage the spyrer had stopped moving, the saliva of the Daemon also seemed to have a tranquilising effect. Holding Santiago above its head it inspected his broken body like a food morsel, It opened its massive fang lined beak and began to drop the spyrer into its mouth. Sensing his chance Santiago willed his suit to do his bidding, he thrust a powerbladed arm down the creatures throat a gurgling scream greeted this latest development. As he did so he emptied the canister for his wrist mounted webber down its throat

" Augment level four "

Barely two minutes of combat had passed, yet it had nearly seen the death of both combatants several times.
The Lord of Change gagged and wretched as the sticky steel hard strands blocked its vulpine throat. Casting the spryer aside it began violently hacking a sickly rasping cough.
Ignoring all injury Santiago broke his fall with a tucked roll and was on his feet in an instant.

Facing off the stricken daemon he felt something shimmer in the air, reality began to fade and shimmer to be replaced with a threatening sky of a dark crimson which would fade and transmute into another bizarre colour as fast as his mind could handle. Falling backwards...trying to take on this new visage Santiago was struggling to make sense of what was happening. He had not but a second ago been in a summoning chambers of a Tzeentchian cult, rocked in on all sides but for the ether wall. Now he found himself on top of a rocky abutment, no escape to be seen expect for a suicidal plunge that would take him into a depth of darkness his autosensors could not even gauge. A bemused murmur could be heard which soon turned to a throaty laughter.

The Lord of Change stood in front of him, immaterial storm clouds rolling about with vicious turbulence, red archs of lightning streaked across the tortured sky. The laughter rolled with the clouds and soon became deafening.

“ You are laughable mortal, do you truly believe one as insignificant as you can stop me from completing my masters will?..............I shall devour your soul, minion of the corpse lord. “

The Spyrer had sensed his suit augmenting several times through the events. Time didn’t seem real, it had speed up and slowed down in a way that was incomprehensible to a human mind. The Daemon extended its giant pinions and flew a the spryer, the daemon seemed larger after every heartbeat, but was upon him in less then one.

“ Augment level nine “
Santiago coiled and released like an overworked spring, the combination of shifting gravity and his augmented suit easily took him over a hundred feet in the air. The Lord of Change followed suit, catching up to the speck that was the spyrer
Santiago had already began his dissent and the two clashed as their paths crossed. The Daemon had swung wide and proved easy for the enhanced hunter to dodge, in turn the daemon recieved a telling blow through its arm pit that left the arm hanging limp with a yellow pearlesent ichor dripping from the wound. The Beast screamed out in rage wanting venegence on the mortal who was slowly gaining the upper hand.

Santiago landed first, awaiting the daemons return to the platform, wanting to finish his stricken foe. It landed heavily, with none of the grace Santiago had come to expect of the monster, Santiago charged, the daemon anticipated the move and bellowed out a mist of swirling colour, whatever it touched sooned changed form into a writhing mess. The spyrer was barley able to escape the mists chaotic embrace and ended up hitting his helmet hard against the floor as he tried to dodge it, breaking the sensor cluster and leaving it hanging by wires. Moving to fast for the beleagered Daemon he slammed a blade straight into its belly and pushed them deep into its chest.

" Augment level 10 "
Screaming out in anger, Santiago drove his blades further and further into the thick Daemon hide, thick ropes of yellow intestine spilled out onto the platform, the blood changing colour several times before splashing to the ground. The massive winged form began to list and sway and was not long before it took a step back. The Daemon had underestimated the human, who would have thought a mere mortal could best one of Tzeentchs the great architect of fates mightiest Daemons in single combat.

Even the nourishing energies of the warp could not save the Daemons form from being destroyed, it would be reborn again ready to impose it's will on the living for the rest of time, the spyrer however would simply one day die.

The flesh around the daemons beak formed into a smile at this thought and once again it began to laugh, blood and viscera dripping from its wounds.

Santiagos suit was at it's top level he could jump for a hundred metres, run to fast to be seen or even lift a tank with its powers and he knew it was what had kept him alive, it no longer had it's beautiful sheen without a wire out of place. No it was a different story, gaping rents were torn into it's dark metallic green shell, oil and vital fluids leaked as freely as the spyrers own blood, mixing on the ground into a black puddle.

His collar bone was broken, this much he was sure of, the Daemons beak had seen to that, it would be a long road to recover from his injuries if he survived at all.

Lifting a powerbladed arm and inspecting the blades integrity Santaigo took a deep breath, the Daemon was teetering on the edge of the platform and it was the spyrers final chance. Muttering a short prayer to the Emperor he charged.
Within a flash the spyrer had run and jumped onto the beasts chest, toppling them backwards into the darkness. They fell for what seemed like an eternity still battling knowing that death will come soon.

The air began to burn Santiagos body and he soon found himself loosing ground to the form of the daemon which fell much faster then he did. A blinding flash filled his eyes and all went white, passing through the light Santiago recognised the summoning chamber beneath him. The Daemon landed first and Santiago on top of it, the Lord of Changes form began to fade almost as soon as it had landed, it's neck broken in a way to truly horrifying to discribe. As soon as it had passed into the Ether it allowed the broken body of the spyrer to rest on the ground.

Not breathing with a weak pulse Santiago appeared dead, blood quickly pooled around his prone form and the saliva from the Daemon had burnt deep into his flesh exposing the broken bone underneath, His suit shut down and all was quiet in the room including the people who were shocked by his sudden appearence.

his eyes started drying out as the stared blanky into space

The Spyrer had been to hell and back and may live to tell the tale.

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Wow! Youre right it is huge, but I hate seeing ppl here who don't get comments about what they've written espeacially if they've worked so hard towards it...tell you soon as i get near a printer THAT BLOODY WORKS I'll print it out and read day...i can't gurantee any time :D

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Simply put: awesome. The battle between the Spyrer and the LoC is really cool dude ^_^ , tis not often one reads a story describing a battle with a Greater Daemon.
But I got some questions: if the spyrer is just a human, how the hell does he beat the LoC!?
And what exactly is that suit, and the augmentation thingy??

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Thanks for the kind comments both of you :D

to answer your question BiD,

Spyrers are the children of the ruling class of upper hivers found in the hives of Necromunda, once they reach a certain age if the want to have any dealings in the running of the hive they must first prove their mettle.

This is done by sending them out in a hunting team, basicly every member of the team ( typically about 5 strong ) has their own hunting rig, mine was a Macelodon, a silent hunter.

The team members are not permitted back into the upper hive until they have completed their task, which is normally to kill a certain number of gangers each. Although their task could be pretty much anything imaginable, their suits record their progress as they go ( which prevents cheating ) however their suits have another purpose, as they advance through their task the more they have completed the better they get.

As the rig augments it makes the spyrer faster, stronger, deadlier

this augmentation can be set on kills or pretty much whatever, in the story my Spyrer had his based on time, one level every thirty seconds ( very dangerous for the human wearing the suit )

the reason he beat the LOC is because...hey he's my character so I can do what I want with him, although I doubt even a fully augmented Spyrer could match a Greater Daemon, Saying that they would more then a match for say......a ten man SM assault squad.

one last thing Spyrer hunting rigs are ( obviously ) illegal, consisting of technology rumored to be a mix of early Human, Eldar and Possibly Tau technologies

Punishment for being caught with one: DEATH

which always makes it interesting when I team up with an Inquisitor
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