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"Take it with us."

" can't be serious!" Luis looked around for some support, expecting none, of course. Kargan's word was law in the band, and his warriors were already moving towards the strange tree-shine, pushing through the crazed cultists performing their...strangely alluring rites. Luis looked away from the cultists as well. Time enough for that later, if Kargan didn't get them all killed with one of his insane plans.

"Why...why did I leave Estalia..." Luis began to sob to himself.

Because you sought power.

"Yes...yes...power. Power..."

"Shut up, crazy man!" Orich, Kargan's second-in-command, was far less fond of Luis than Kargan himself. Kargan was busy knocking sense into the cultists clutching at their precious shrine, as his warriors quickly attacked the ground around it with picks, digging up the twisted tree roots and all and placing it in what looked like a ransacked Chariot. The cultists seemed to stop trying to pretect the shrine and even began helping, piling baubles and placing the candelabras that had graced the shrine back flanking their arboreal focus. Kargan walked back to Luis smiling. "Crazy people join us, Orich. First that Duke from Bretonnia, if he is a duke or Bretonnian at all, now this crazy man here! Say, Luis, what are you? A marquis, maybe! HAhahaha!" Luis sighed. Kargan seemed to have a soft spot for crazies. Now it seemed that the cultists would follow their band, with their shrine now Kargan's property and all.

"Se magnifique, Lord Kargan! Ze gods will be pleazed vif zis shrine following us!" Speaking of the Duke has apparently drawn his attention. He was quite obviously dressed in the fashion of the Kislevites, fur hat and all. His accent was, also, quite obviously affected and half-Boyar at that, making it terribly incomprehensible. But his magical prowess was far greater that Luis and Kargan liked having him around to keep enemy spellcasters worried. For that matter, that was probably why he kept Luis around too.

One day you will be greater than him.

"Shh!" Luis realized that he was scolding his marionette again and Orich was giving him a look that was saying very nasty things. No one else could hear it's words, after all. No need to fuss. No need to get Orich in a blood fury. Let him take it out on the enemies of Kargan. Let Kargan get his glory, because....

One day you will be truely mad, and then you will be ready to embrace Chaos.
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