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Krokt Von Trale (455 points)
+1 magic level avatar of death forbidden lore dark acolyte lord of the dead staff of damination crown of the damned flayed hauburk

Vampire Zagstrike (200 points)
avatar of death dark acolyte dispell scroll enchanted shield talisman of the lycni

Vampire Zagson (300 points)
BSB Banner of Drakenhof avatar of death walking death

The skeletal legion (495 points)
50 skeletons with spears full command banner of endless nightmare

The Crypt Stalkers (80 points)
10 x Crypt ghouls

The Unholy Cart (100 points)
Corpse Cart with Unholy Loadstone

The Dark Knights Of Undeath (327 points)
9 Black Knightd with Barding Full Command and The Banner Of Strigos

Total Points :1994 points
What does everyone think of this list right now its not for a tornament just for casual games
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