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The Wild Ride! Summer log, intime for Winter Tournaments. [Eldar]

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So a little bit of background for this log, I did have one previously when I started around June last year.

This one is new! It is fresh! It is a log of my armies intime to get in some of the bigger tournaments! Employment willing I hope to have 2000 points of Saim Hann Eldar PAINTED (Maybe 2250), to an acceptable tournament standard.

As with any hobby this is something that has to be built up over time, so as long as I have time and money I will continue to paint. Currently I have had alot of free time thanks to Christmas, and have been doing some serious catchup. I've also requisitioned the camera, to try get many photos!

A rough list of what I need to acquire and or paint:

Painted / Assembled / Need to purchase

Farseer: 1

Warlocks: 6

Guardian Jetbikes: 21

Vypers: 6

Fire Prisms: 3

This is atleast the items I intend to complete in the near future, with some other goodies hopefully further along.

Anyhow, the first few posts will be a bit pic heavy. I'd like to keep it that way, and catalogue alot / all parts of the project.

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So currently I'm working on two of my Fire Prisms. I've been at it for about 2 days now

The first shot as I'm getting the base colour up. I undercoated from black.

Trying to get it to the same red as the Falcon in the middle of the picture. Unfortunately I borked up and used the wrong mix and got it a bit more purple than I intended.

As you can see the red didn't come out AS rich as the Falcon

Gems 99% done, Blacklining done too. Pardon for the poor lighting. Workshop conditions and all that crap.

More to come!
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Full army shot, I'll take some better photos in the morrow when I can get some proper lights. They aren't shiney in reality apart from the gems. I'll take some closeups too further on, stretch it out a bit.

This is the flying bases. The ones with grass I'll be redoing to have them tie in with the other bases more.
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Finished the prisms today. Thats the tanks done!

Got some vypers to paint next, after a bit of remodelling and 2 warlocks on bikes to GS.

Side view of the prism, first shot at lightning on the crystal

Front view of both the Prisms

Another shot.
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You've got a nice neat looking force growing there, good work! I would love to have a closer look at that Farseer by the way...
Thanks :3.

I'll get a picture up as soon as I can figure out a way to get a good close up picture. As you can see they;re all slightly blurry, even though they're in focus on the little screen.
Here we go. I can't get the flash off yet, but soon!

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Some pictures of whats been done so far. I'll probably put some WIP shots up tomorrow - spent most of the day figuring out the camera.

These 3 are of the half competed Seer council; One of their stands snapped thanks to my big hands - they aren't glued in, I just broke the nib.

2 of the 3 Fire Prisms. Trying to emphasise subtlety on the crystal; I'd like to have blended the crystal maybe 2 shades lighter, or used a different blue like Regal, Ultramarines, Ice - as opposed to Enchanted Blue. First time on the lightning too.

First guardian bike squadron - These guys are the only ones with transfers which I painted over.

Still trying to figure out whether everything needs brighter highlighting - though it doesn't show as well in the photos many of them are blacklined or not very starkly highlighted.

Any input would be appreciated :>
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I had 2 more vypers arrive today - Now the question is, should I have clear canopies so the pilots are visible or not?

I've only done 1 tank with a clear canopy before - it came out great. Just that all the other vehicles I have currently painted are painted canopies.

What would you guys like to see?
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Why is no one responding to this thread?

Your army is spectacular sir, VERY VERY nicely done. Even though the pics are not the best of quality, it looks absolutely amazing so far. The red is great, the glyphs on the tanks and jetbikes look great. Impressed overall.

Consider me subscribed!

Thanks man, much appreciated! As for the photos, I'm still trying to get to know how to use the camera. Hopefully keep getting better :D

I've got a question now; white or black undercoat - what do you guys think?

Black on the left, White on the right.

The rest of the army is black undercoat, this white was just an experiment.
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Apologies for the lack of photos, I've gone and gotten the hobby bug. I had 6 more bikes arrive and all I've done is file, assemble, GS and magnatise. I know I've been saying I'll get some new ones up, soon(tm)
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