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k im thinking about starting a vampire counts army cos iv always wanted to do one
i want to play necrarchs mainly because i want an infantry horde of zombies and the such.
heres what im thinking of fieldinf(btw i dont have the book with me so im just going to tell you what im going to use)

necrarch thrall
wight lord with banner
necromancer(probbably the old witch model)

zombie units 30-40 per unit and the max out completely with Ion
maybe a unit of skeletons

grave guard(gonna use the men at arms models with abit of work)
spirit hosts(gonna use millitia models on approppriate bases)
fell bats


these are the options that i will be using in a thousand points,the necrach is the leader, while the necromancer is his slave, the reason im taking so many zombies is because iv always loved the idea of shambling hordes and with the box set its possible to make around 40 models and its always fun to model different/funny zombies any advice would be extremly helpful thanks

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never take such large units, raise them as you go.
at 1000pts i´d say 25 is the absolute max.

I wouldnt bother with the BSB either(i assume that is what the thrall is). Certianly not when you have mostly zombies and loosing one less with those isnt all that horrible.

you have decent grasp of VC but some fast elements wouldnt hurt this list.
Seeing as you wont need 3 big blocks at 1k pts some ghouls/wolves wouldnt hurt your list.

cheers dancey

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i know whjat you are saying but i want a 'horde' army and with big uniots of zombies i can always make them bigger and the reason im not taking any of the other things you suggested is because i want an shambling undead infantry army and i dont take gjhouls because it goes against the necrarchs background

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LIke danceman said, I too agree with not having 40 skeletons or so in one unit. It's too bulky, and they can get easily tied up, etc. Instead, get units of 20 or something. I would personally, if just taking necrachs, cut out the wight lord and kick in another necromancer /thrall. Background as in maybe an apprentice. I would suggest giving him nehekera's noble blood.

Although many players don't realy like that option, I like it fluffwise, and had some success in the past. They provide support that a necrach army really needs, especially in magic.

You should essentially get a few ghouls. Necrach fluff includes the experiments that a necrach operates with. You could use the ghouls as his hulking mutations, sent forward to scout the enemy and the report back to the necrach. They could also have enhanced toughness due to let's say, some weird magic, and poisonous claws because of some horrible mutation created by a necrach potion or whatsit.

Grave guards aren't bad, but I wouldn't suggest them for your type of list, as you want a horde list, and they provide more of an elite force, and that doesn't really fit in fluffwise for me. But it's your list in the end.

Spirit hosts are really good, at screening missile fire that could deplete much of your ranks and let you keep on summoning. Their also good at defending important posiitons, such as your flank for instance.

Fell Bats are highly useful, like all fliers. However, I have serious doubts you could fit the whole load in 1000 pts.

I would suggest:

1 necrach thrall
-nehekeras noble blood

1 necromancer (slave)
-Book of arkhan

1-necromancer (apprentice)
-power familiar
-lvl 2

That's actually quite a lot of points already, around 400-500 points. But I really lilke characters so,let's not change it.

20 x skeletons
20x zombies that should implement the horde factor

With the left over points-I would get ghouls/spirit hosts/fell bats, depending on how many points i have. If i have left say 200 somehting, I would get spirits. But around 100 or so, ghouls are way better. Sometimes, if I feel like it, I get fellbats, but here, I feel ghouls suit your fluff more

NOTE that I normally get ghouls instead, as I think spirit hosts are not as effective as them in small games. This is becasue ghouls pack a much harder punch

WIth that army, you can definetely outmagick most 1000 point lists you come up to. with 2 lvl 1 wizards and one lvl 2 one. With book of arkhan, AND power familar, you'll have a breeze casting invocation of nehek, and getting those vital tying ups, dancing out of ranges watver using vanse danse macarbe.

Your core doesn't look that great at first glance of course. But keep in mind, you will be augmenting to their numbers like crazy. Then your opponent will be worried.

okay that's it for now
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