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thinking of starting eldar

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i have the eldar codex and i like alot of the models

ive seen starcannon rip marines a few new ones and im sick of playing necrons

i like close combat and im torn between starting eldar and marines
can someone sway my pick?
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I would heavily consider against Eldar right now. They are in serious need of a new Codex and the new Codex will most likely be a MAJOR revision of their current rules.

If you have to have an army right now, then go with the Space Marines because their Codex is damn near the newest thing on the block.
Hey, long time no see Hourglass.

I second Hourglass on this one - rumblings about the new Eldar codex have been going for some time now, I don't see more than a year before you would see new Eldar models out and then you will have wished you had waited. I personally would try and hang fire for an Eldar release date or consider an alternative army.
Yeah, I took a break to play EVE Online. Not to mention I was highly offended by some things said in the Enhanced forum and I think I'll just stick to the gaming topics from now on.

I believe in a separation of church and state and 40k is a religion, so no more political discussions here for me. :)
i know they need a new dex and all so you guys are against new comers starting eldar now?
It's not that we're against it, but if you pay $200 on an Eldar army and they nerf almost everything you purchased, that's kind of a waste of money. Myself, I'm not buying any Eldar until the new Codex comes out, hopefully I won't have to buy anything then either :shifty:
i say go for eldar i really am sick of seeing marines out there and a new pointy eared face would be good, the new codex won't be out for at least a year and even then i don't think they will change the heirachy much so the units that rock now will most likel rock then. it comes down to is if you like the eldar play them if you don't then for the love of god choose somthing other than marines (and to any smartases out ther i'm aware that i play a sister heavy =][= force and you don't need to point out that they also have power armour)
start eldar... theyre fun to play and any, GW needs someone to hate their posterchildren... they wont downgrade eldar too much with our flimsy excuse of a codex not much BAD can happen, unless they mess w/STARCANNONS, HOLO FIELD, and SPIRIT STONES. those three things stay, and ur set. main eldar CC-


main SM CC - assault marines

which are scorps that trade out infiltrate (via stealth) for jump packs, lower iniative. anyway, deep strike is iffy, and assault marines scream "STARCANNON BAIT" regardless of whether or not they are in a transport.

however, the switch from necrons to eldar will be difficult. Necrons, SM, are kinda the same, using brute strength, not speed and tactical prowess.
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