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I'm back!!
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So i've devised a rather devious campaign to replay the third war for armageddon, and I am the main ork faction amongst my friends, so I forsee a lot of killy killy death in the near future.

It all culminates with an apocalypse battle at the end, which I will be allied with chaos for (10,000 points). As I have never played a battle that big, I was wondering if anyone orky has had aporkalypse experience before and could lend me a few hints on what works, what doesn't, and what kind of sneaky tricks I should use.

Thanks a bunch!

As-salaamu alaikum
-The God of All Machines

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Though I have never played a 10,000 point Ork Force before..(I am an old hand at Orks since 2nd edition)....I think you are in the unique position to put the fluff to the test.

Is it Ghaz and Goffs?
Is it Kult of Speed and evil sunz?
is it Bad Moons?
Blood Axe?
an entire Freeboota Klan!
See where I am headed? This seems like the most fun option to me. Myabe your Ork warlord united "Da Klanz". Is there a reason your Orks united with Chaos? Is the Chaos force Khorn? If so...Gofs make a good pair. Slaannesh? Go Bad Moons!

Campaigns are about make one!

Who knows but I do know you could seriously have some fun and I wish you the best in that.
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